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  1. Where have you been Mr Bariou?

  2. Yo, I explained a bit of it in the thread now. If you want to know about any specific aspect I'll be glad to explain.

  3. Dont worry dude I havent forgotten about you, I just have an important project I have to work on but I'll be free soon!

  4. Hey. If you meant the italo disco presets I made, here they are: http://www.mediafire.com/?9lk1554ine43q3b . It's only a couple for synth1 but there are others for tal-u-no and gtg jp-1

  5. Hey, np dude, I just take a while to leave the short reviews in the thread. And yeah if you need help or patches I'll be glad to help.

  6. Well whoever picks up this week I'll be really excited to hear what you will come up with. MM2 Wily 1 has a VERY special place in my mind because it's basically why I found OCR and got into mixing in the first place :P Best of luck

  7. Since you're the Wits Man of the team (C WUT I DID THAR) you should come up with a name.

  8. ZOMG lets do DIS

  9. Lets join, Gario, you and I vs the world.

  10. ROFl @ your gifs. Keep it up.

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