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  1. Very brief background: I plan on buying a keyboard controller soon. The software I use now is Acid Pro 5, which I understand is not the best for midi. Nevertheless, I'm doin' alright with it. The genre that I'm into is hip hop, as well as some r&b-ish stuff. Question: It is my understanding that the knobs and sliders on keyboard controllers do things like pan, reverb, and the like. Am I correct in assuming that they can only adjust the functions that are already present on the software interface of the vst you're using? If this is the case, then you don't really need them cause...you can just do it on the screen? (Of course, the point of controllers is to be able to do the work with your own hands but...) I guess what I'm wondering is, do you find all those knobs and stuff pretty helpful & useful? Right now the controllers that I've been looking at are the M-Audio Keystation 49e [$99](or maybe the 61 key version [$129]), the E-MU Xboard 49[$169], and the *Edirol PCR-50 [$169] Am I unnecessarily inhibiting myself by going without the knobs? Thank you for your time. p.s. Yes I've already spent time looking in and out of the these forums - midi controller questions really do come up a lot here. I got some good info, but not quite was I looking for. *I've seen some reviews online saying that the Edirol PCR-50 isn't reliable, as in the keys start gettin disfunctional after 1-2 years or so. I know some people 'round here have experience with it, so can anyone support/disagree with this?
  2. I am mixed, and don't use the word, but am around it regularly. I certainly don't advocate its use, but for the sake of honesty it doesn't really bother me when I hear black people say it. I've certainly heard plenty of people that I would not call "fools" say it. At any rate, it bugs me whenever someone calls a group of people "fools" or anything similar for pronouncing words different than white people. Black people and white people in America have different linguistic backgrounds, and speak different dialects. (obviously not all black people and all white people, but from a general historical standpoint, they're comin' from different angles) Black people didn't say, "we'll change the pronunciation and make it our word," - it was just their natural pronunciation. I like how when African Americans, who are historically victims of social isolation and denied education, pronounce a word different from the standard, it's "wrong," whereas I've never heard of anyone anywhere attempt to correct the speech of a white person from the south or tell them that the way they speak is wrong, despite the fact that it has many phonetic/lexical/other deviations from the standard. No one expects them to change the way they speak or thinks that it's important that they do. Seems more funny when there is a theory out there that says some of the similarities between Ebonics and Southern English are the result of white children being raised by black women and playing with black children. So, yeah, Leon K obviously wants the best for the African American community as is evident from his concerns, but be fair to yourself/black people/half of me. Well, now that this became such an issue, make sure that none of you ever say the word "gyp/gip" as in "I got gipped," because that's a racist word. I agree to the fullest. Apologies to Ubik & Zyko for venting in your thread. Cool song, everything works together well. I really like the beat. Somehow it feels like your voice is cleaner in this song than the other songs of yours that I've heard. I really like your lyrical style, although I'm another person that'd prefer less cursin'. My friends liked the song.
  3. I don't listen to a lot of rock of any breed these days, but that was hotness. This song grabbed my attention and would not let go. It filled me with energy. Thanks a lot, man.
  4. So next episode Aurora is back... It was cool to hear pixietricks for awhile, she did a really good job, but I look forward to hearing Aurora again too. And Rayza's always holdin' it down... That being said, Shnabubula is cooler than all 3 of you put together. I'm sorry. Its not a diss or anything. He's just that good.
  5. "Well how am I supposed to know? I never even played this game before" hahaha. I remember my neighbor used to play it and I'd be like 'noooo lets play something 2p' and then he'd be like "dude," and keep on playing... Anyways, fun song, nice and snappy. Great jorb.
  6. hahahahahah this song is awesome. When the chorus came in the first time, it was like I couldn't escape it. "I'm here to bust this groove." Its like I'm on mission. Great work on this mix and props to your cousin for the vox. Maybe its just because of the genre of this particular mix, but you mentioned you didn't have the best recording equipment - it sounds fine to me. Sure it could sound better but don't sweat it. Thank you for propagating the funk.
  7. Maybe I just wasn't paying much attention in the past, but with these last two songs from Mr. Morse I've quickly become quite a fan of his. Congratulations on another great song dawg.
  8. This sounds very good. I've never heard the source tune but your I like your finished product.
  9. Cool idea, I just wanna show my support. I especially like the idea of doing certain tracks in a certain style, like doing British style rock for the Team England's song. I could totally picture a beatles style rendition of it. Oh and by the by... I'm not much of a mixer but I rap a lot. (I'm talking to you USA\All Stars remixer) For a sampling of me (albeit comedic) just look at what I did for the Duckhunt: ROFL project. http://duck.herograw.com/dhrofl-18.html It was fun. I have a better mic setup now too, so if you want help in that department let me know.
  10. "so, I'd sit in my room and listen to instrumentals/ And hope that I'd made the rhyme that makes people say 'he's official'//" hahah, I liked that line. Great job DCT & Just Us. Good lyrics, good beats, it all works together very well.
  11. Thanks Harmony...but that's not quite what I was looking for. The samples I found on findsounds.com seem to be more of the applause persuasion. I want something more like, the sound of an army yelling as it charges. I appreciate the help though, thanks.
  12. Does anyone have or know of a sample of a large crowd, like, an army crowd or a staduim crowd that's just like "AHHHH!"? I'd appreciate it. Thanks
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