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  1. yezzir! I probably won't be able to do it next time around or for the next several times around because I'm about to be out of the country for a semester. ;p But the round I was able to participate in was awesome, and if its still going on when I get back (in august) I'll most likely get in on it again.
  2. AAAAAggghhhhh..... You know I was thinkin' to myself last month like "man, when are they bout to start the next one?" Looks like I missed out on joining in this one. I woulda killed it too man this track is nice. Some pretty good entries here
  3. The beat's pretty cool. But your delivery could use some work. You get off beat sometimes. Which makes not very convincing when you keep saying you're the best. And that brings me to the lyrics. You sound like u tryna be gangsta but throughout the song its like just keep complainin. I think the biggest problem is that with the format you got goin now its hard to take you seriously. Work on your lyrics and your delivery and who you are and how you wanna present yourself and more people'll be feelin your stuff. But yeah good job on the beat and stuff. I always get a lil excited when i see someone's doin a rap on ocr.
  4. when me and my friend are playin video games for some reason our wordchoice and syntax all go to crap. this is partially because we think its funny reading the engrish on games like Way of the Samurai I & II, and also partially because we want to focus exclusively on the action on the screen and expend the least possible cognitive effort on our communication. As an example one time when I was playing Way of the Samurai II I went into this one area at night and my friend said "You're bout to get understood by the drunk" And as soon as I walked on the screen I got slashed and killed by a Ronin (who drop the item "sake" when they die, thus making him "the drunk"). I don't know where he got "understood" from but I knew exactly what he meant when he said it. So that's funny, but I usually figured that was just a funny thing me and him did when we played games. Until last week when I was at the store with some other friends and they were comparin two items, which was when I said, "Its the same as much." (referring to the cost). So sometimes I make basically understandable wierd utterances, and I believe that this has to do with my experience of playing games, based on both content of the games, and also my state of mind when playing the games.
  5. Just submitted mine. Its gonna be fun and interesting seein what everyone else did with the track.
  6. I really like the vibe in the song. The music itself, the melody of the vocals, and the lyrics all come together very well. I especially liked the line that went "Tell me what you want to be, Let me be in your story"
  7. Oh, man I'm sorry for not havin my stuff done yet, I'm very happy to see the extension though. Procastination of this sort on my part has to end. This last semester I just finished up was my worst ever... I WILL finish it by Wednesday, and that's word to all y'all mommas.
  8. heh heh I ALWAYS wait til the last minute unfortunately. I basically just gotta record tho so its gonna happen.
  9. hahaha YES, as Mr. Nemo mentioned, when I heard this song just now I was like man, this sound just like Shaft! hahahaha. Very good music guys good work.
  10. hahahaha "Come to Bob's Pizza". That is so classic sir
  11. I really appreciate the intro speech. It lets you know up front what the song is all about. Straight to the point.
  12. This song is so beautiful. I remember once upon sometime last year I was listening to this song at school while doing an assignment in the computer lab, and when the part at 2:28 came in, I just stopped and started staring into space with my mouth slightly open. Beautiful.
  13. man I think I'm bout to have a go at barret's. I tried a couple years ago but the result was trash. I got better since then tho.
  14. Haha, yes and yes. Still waiting for D-Lux to show up; this style would be perfect for him. Um... So, guys? Would anybody object to my entering the compo after all? I don't know if I can keep my hands off this track; it's too darn sexy! If I did submit, all votes would be PM'ed to someone else, obviously. EDIT: OMG, Mustin, jinx! Go ahead if you wanna lose that bad. jus kiddin' I don't care
  15. Hey question. Can I assume that since its called Vocal Remix that submissions with rappin work? I read most of the other thread and from what I saw it was brought up but only in hypotheticals. Although singing and rap certainly have their differences, delivery & character, not to mention creativity is very important in rap so I feel like in that sense there could be room for it in this comp. Obviously some intrumentals won't lend themselves to rap (or certain styles of singing for that matter), but this one from Zircon sounds like it could work. This sort of thing could help me tweak my style and do some creative stuff. So uh, is it cool?
  16. Pretty simple but still I like it. I really your hi-hats. The piano in Jishin no Aru sounds familiar somehow. But yeah, good stuff.
  17. here's a little track me and my friends did back in the summer. I'm the third verse. But the fourth verse is the best. http://www.soundclick.com/bands/songInfo.cfm?bandID=441573&songID=4387139 Horn samples taken from Nobuta wo Produce opening. Hope you enjoy it
  18. yea you gotta make them drums more prominent sir. (that's a nice snare) The strings are too loud, and yeah their quality's not very good either. but i do like the ideas though.
  19. Yes! hip hop In classic N64 golden eye award style I ask: Where's the bass? the part going from 0:52 is pretty cool. But, the strings are overpowering. And especially once that synth comes in at 1:12, you can barely hear the drums at all. Its not that "changes" are bad...I think that although unorthodox in genres they have the potential to make really cool songs, if used properly...but here there's just too much stuff going on and the drums are getting drowned out. I did like the switch-up with the piano though. I never heard the original so I can't really comment on the arrangement. Good effort so far though EDIT: hahaha i had my bass turned all the way down when i first listened to it. Now everythings sounds better. But I still basically stand by the things I said before, just to a lesser extent. I think you should have some sort of bassline goin' instead of only having the kick for the bass. It doesn't have to be something too complex for this song. Just my thoughts.
  20. I'm lovin' it. Not that its similar musically but the old-rock sounding-ness of it reminded me of "kashmir". This is a very "ideal" adaptation of the theme. All nice and grandiose. Thank you sirs.
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