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  1. I paid $450 for Adobe Production Premium Student edition (which gets you Photoshop, Premiere, After Effects, Illustrator, and others). That's normally $2000, I think. For motion design, there's really no substitute for what you can get in After Effects for the price. The camera and motion available to you are leagues better than what you get in Vegas. Vegas IS great for standard non-linear editing, but once you start using After Effects extensively, Premiere starts becoming more and more the better option. Plus, the preview accelerator in Premiere is absolutely phenomenal when you pair it up with a video card with a lot of CUDA cores. I have a GTX 680 and my premiere previews are super smooth and incredibly quick.
  2. If you don't like things crashing, Adobe Premiere CS6 or later. Sony Vegas 10 or 12 are perhaps easier to understand, but they're not nearly as stable as Premiere. Plus Dynamic Link makes Premiere work well with the Adobe suite; you can import your comps directly from After Effects or Photoshop without having to render something out.
  3. Hi guys, I'm irriadin. I'm some noob. Cool website, I like it. Where have Scott Peeples and Protricity been?
  4. I should be there, as long as it doesn't conflict with the AMV showing (got a video in the finalists, wewt!)
  5. At first I thought the amazon store was developed on the webstore e-commerce platform. Looks like amazon has more developer-friendly alternatives out there. Very nice.
  6. something in tags like <noscript>You will need Flash and Javascript enabled in order to view this site!</noscript>
  7. The new headers are nice. It's interesting how the CSS for the site is almost entirely classes. Has it always been that way?
  8. If I can help it, I never bring the herons. They're a huge target for all kinds of enemies. They also are incredibly weak and fragile.
  9. Took a look at it. Very nice site. Simple, but very polished. The only suggestion I'd give is to consider changing the "wrap" to be a specific width, then setting the margin to 0pt auto. Something like this: body { margin: 0pt auto; } #wrap { margin: 0pt auto; /*for the width, I'd suggest between 900-1024px*/ width: 910px; }
  10. Credentials: Web Developer for about 2 years. Here's my honest opinion: Your site is pretty good, but aesthetically it leaves something to be desired. Mainly, the bars that break to the left or right of the main container make the site feel cluttered and slightly disconcerting. I also wouldn't have used a table in the layout for the site. I see div tags in your code... why not use a pure css layout? Overall, not too bad, but if you're advertising your abilities as a web designer, I would definitely try to avoid using inline styling for your css.
  11. This doesn't bother me. I play it with a GC controller, even.
  12. This game is entirely underrated. It has a very involving storyline with memorable characters, and the gameplay is incredibly satisfying. While it can be incredibly frustrating at times, the unforgiving game design (in terms of the characters deaths being permanent) really makes you think about the moves you make every turn. Each character has his or her own story, and that makes the death system even harder. I'm currently on the third part of the last mission, and I have to say, this is probably the best Fire Emblem I've played (those include all FE's released in the US). As far as support combinations and team-building goes, I've found that Shinon and Mia make an excellent duo. Give Mia the skill Adept when she reaches her third class, and she'll be nearly unstoppable. As a general rule of thumb, don't bother using any of the laguz apart from the royal ones... even ones like Ranulf can't measure up to the likes of Tibarn or the wolf queen. Gatrie and Nephenee also are a good duo, particularly if you give Gatrie the skill "Taunt" which causes enemies to target him in preference to other units. Anyway, here's my core team, separated by support pairs: 1-2 Ike and Soren - I had to give my Soren a few speedwings to allow him to double most enemies. Once he gets to that point, he's very powerful. Just make sure he has Shade equipped. Ike is probably the most powerful unit I have... his only weakness is his low resistance. 3-4 Gatrie and Nephenee - I gave Nephenee the skill "Imbue" which allows her to "tank" enemies very well, since her magic is about 13. Imbue recovers that amount after every turn. 5-6 Mia and Shinon 7-8 Titiana and Oscar - These two are FANTASTIC when paired together. They have incredibly high evasion, allowing them to effectively handle tons of enemies and recover themselves using the special skill Sol. Oscar is slightly more fragile than Titiana, so using Imbue or Pavise might compensate for that. 9. The Wolf Queen - Let me put it this way... she is ridiculously good. She is INSANELY fast and her evasion is on par with Mia's. 10. Beast King 11. Tibarn - I love Tibarn. Just be careful around archers. I also really liked Empress Sanaki, if only her HP was higher... Equip Shade on her or you'll regret it.
  13. apparently the design of vgmix "x" is different (and substantially so) from the design of vgmix 3, as evidenced by this mockup provided on the vgmix boards:
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