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  1. wow, dude, you seriously need to be destroyed for such ignorance. the first part of the song was the chrono trigger part, from 600 A.D. the second part of the song was the xenogears part, from floating city shevat. therefore, the second part couldn't possibly catch even a nearly nonexistent fraction of "that CT feeling" since it is not even from the same game. sorry, ziwtra, don't mean to clog up your song review like that, but i felt it had to be said. anyways, this mix is just unstoppable. it does both the original songs' justice and has been on many of my compilation cds since it first appeared on OCR. your mixing skills are definitely formidable. -rob
  2. to tell the truth, i have never liked this song, from the moment i first downloaded it. the real proof of its greatness, though, comes from the fact that no matter how much i can't stand it, i can still clearly see why so many other people love it. ailsean definitely did the original justice. -rob
  3. mcvaffe has been responsible for two firsts on this site that i thought no "one man" would ever be able to accomplish: first remix by a woman and first collaboration remix. surely, he must be unstoppable -rob
  4. almost seven minutes? it's looking more like 4:54 to me. hmm... nevertheless, very nice mix. it's always good to hear some dkc tunage.
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