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  1. you know, I've been offering free hosting for music for like.... ever
  2. Swords and Serpents, Yo! Noid, Knights of the Round, Combatribes, the list goes on...
  3. I only recall gray using my irc hostmask. apparently he did something for the community too? at any rate, good luck in your future endeavors, sir.
  4. I will be switching webhosts within the next few days. bandwidth shouldn't be a problem if you'd like to go that route.
  5. Thanks guys, now I can safely return my original signature without losing the desired effect
  6. Yo.If I were you I'd shrink my sig to <200 pixels high. <150 preferred. yeah, seriously. have some consideration for others, asshole
  7. Super Herograw, hands down.
  8. welp, it sure is nice to have internet at home again. everyone is good? good
  9. I went to see it with a friend who had never played the game. He was far less disappointed than I.
  10. If you're talking about the "Chrono_Symphonic_Mirror_Pack_(mp3).rar" on my server, I didn't use that one. I made a .rar of the mp3 folder from the torrent. perhaps that wasn't clear enough??
  11. the rar'd mp3 pack was taken directly from the torrent.. to make sure my memory wasn't playing tricks on me I re-downloaded the rar file, unarchived it, introduced it back into the torrent folder, and started up the torrent. guess what? seeding...... perhaps you should check the torrent distribution for typos EDIT: Is this typo consistent in the official mirrors as well? because it appears that the files I downloaded thru official mirrors and via bittorrent (not to mention the rar file) are identical. weird, ehh??
  12. Well, I was meaning to have the link for the "whole" sountrack in a compressed file, just like Bound Together. We are not the others. And what would that bring? MP3s are already compressed, a RAR wouldn't "compress" the files any further. Thought about it and as one of those who "released" it, I say "no need for that". There aren't RAR packs for OCR either and you can get all files easily via the homepage. So I have to agree with DarkeSword. *removed* *Compyfox/EDIT: Zing*
  13. I'm sorry you feel that way... Don't get me wrong. the music does what it was made (err... remade) to do, and does it well. However, I do not feel that it would warrant standalone attention if it were in an actual movie/game. Sort of like LotR, as someone might have said previously. The original chrono trigger music made me stop and acknowledge it. This doesn't.
  14. Just whip something up in html or something, just give us a page with a bunch of raw text links. I beg of you, I am losing faith. When it was promised before New Years Eve... I didn't believe it. Please give me something to believe in! Agreed. I could actually care less about what the website that hosts the files looks like (I do agree that Chrono Symphonic does deserve the high quality stuff starzander can produce, but that can wait), just do something like a soft opening of it and create a temporary page for a few days. I think everyone agrees that we just want to hear what is going to be one of the best projects to be released on this site. Whatever the case, keep up the great work everyone. Why would we want any aspect of the project to be rushed if we've been willing to wait this long? My only gripe with this delay is that now it's going to be released at the beginning of the month. That means my unused bandwidth for december (a considerable amount) will be squandered. oh well..
  15. I dont know... I have only seen the last half of that movie. I should watch it sometime. Thats the one with dustin hoffman and T cruise right? oui
  17. Ya know, you guys could have (at just about any time) made a mirror at the subdomain I provided. It's hosting most of the linked media anyways. just a thought...
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