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  1. Thing is I've been a fan since the classic SF days. So I'm game for whatever is next.

  2. Over @ Capcom Unity newbies are whining over SF3 OST. But hey I loved everything about it. Sad Cap can't please everyone

  3. Here's the link for the RadioSega podcast that aired your tune. http://www.segamedia.com/podcasts/e27-hedgehog-re-mix-10th-august-2012/ There you go!

  4. Oh, thanks for the heads up. Can't wait to hear what you're working on next.

  5. So addicted to the Ska Buffet, and I love your vocals. Can't wait to hear more!

    (but mid chorus, those lyrics had to be tough!? I wonder how the crew pulled that one off.

    Btw is there an unedited version of the Ska Buffet?)

  6. That's right, I found the Youtube one. Heh sorry about my post on your remix thread. I must have had the mixes "mix'd" up. But I do like the new mixes direction, hope it turns out great and makes it to OCR's judges panel.

  7. Just listening to your mixes from bandcamp. Awesome work!

    Can't wait to hear what's next

  8. Whip's Memory (final) I don't think there's anything else you can do.

    39 edits!? holy ow >

  9. Thanks for the headsup in regards to "The Answer" project tracks

  10. Thanks for the info regarding Sonic project.

    On library net, but I will check out the podcasts when I can

  11. I like the project's undertaking, curious what other tracks you might work on later.

  12. Thanks for reminding us of that track from Vindkast.

    I remember listening to this one a long time ago.

  13. Thanks for the heads-up about DoD's new home.

    I was looking everywhere for the site. =D

    *sad to see that VGMIX went silent for so long

  14. aha that prime project, I remember reading about a few hints over @ mdb.

    hope the pr wasn't attacked by a metroid hatchling.

  15. Just found one of your collab treasures. From Orta, "more than a weapon".

    Oddly enough I managed to find Orta from a used books store.

    *and the music is something I can never forget.

    Even though I've been a member here on OCR for years. Its fun to catch up with other members.

    Btw, I hope your current projects are going well too.

  16. Just listented to "Kindred" from the Reserve Tank album.

    Such a beautiful, yet haunting tune.

    Hope things are going great for you. Take care. =D

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