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  1. I'm with the opinion that the synth doesn't fit. At all, really. The guitar and drums are great, but the synth just ... spoils it.
  2. I'm having issues where my in-car MP3 player (2013 Dodge Dart) will not play anything more than the first 10 seconds of this MP3 before switching to another song. I've tried downloading fresh copies and I've tried different media (SD micro based) but that doesn't fix it. This is the only mix that it happens to and it plays fine on Winamp, VCL, and other PC based MP3 players. That being said ... this (and frankly all of AE's work) consistently gets 5 stars from me on every roll through my playlists.
  3. Anyone want to tackle this one? Sounds challenging ... they have a nice selection ... http://en.spaceengine.org
  4. While I expected some fanboy resistance to my orignal post, I didn't quite expect the vitriol in the following remarks. http://ocremix.org/forums/showpost.php?p=943469&postcount=21 and http://ocremix.org/forums/showpost.php?p=943502&postcount=29 My goal was to start an intelligent conversation, and I tried to phrase my initial opinion as non-confrontational as possible and it was gracefully answered in several replies by many of the more respected members and, most thankfully, by DJP himself. I suppose that, if offered, and I had the skills and resources, that I would jump on this project without a second thought. I recognize that. But on the same token, after 10+ years (I'd lurked for about a year, downloading before registering), it was a bit of a shock and perhaps a knee-jerk fear reaction. Mainly because I'd honestly miss gathering the remixes if all future releases became commercialized. Either way, I can live without this 1% and still enjoy the other 99. Oh ... and Lyrai ... I'm probably old enough to be your father. I don't need mom's credit card. I have three of my own.
  5. You can probably guess how this will go by the topic title, but ... I'm all for commercial success ... Really ... But in my opinion, that was never the spirit of what this site was about. I'm definitely not in favour of this site "selling out" ... and though I may have donated previously... I never will buy the Mega Man album. I just don't agree with it.
  6. Or ... just leave it as-is. OCR is a place I come for quality, peer-reviewed submissions. VGMix was a literal crapfest... I'd have to download 300 songs and sift through them to find a CD's worth of quality stuff. Good riddance. On OCR, I can download 300 songs and sift through them to find a CD's worth of bads.
  7. Just a reminder ... vgmix.com is still dead. *sigh* Oh well. Did a search about it just today ... found this thread.
  8. That .. is just ... evil. Although... According to this link ... I've overtaken you with just 4 boxes running. 3 PCs and one PS3. In less than ... one month. *eviler grin*
  9. Last two I rented were MGS4 and Lair. I'm a huge dragon fanatic, but was delightfully unimpressed with Lair's linear gameplay. I'm not a huge fan of MGS4, but I enjoyed playing it more than Lair. Honestly, I'm glad I rented, otherwise I'd have wasted $60 on a game that would have collected dust. Something like what my GTA4 is doing now in favor of my Burnout:Paradise and WoW habit. *shrug* Honestly, renting makes sense. Especially if you don't know if you're going to like the game. Sure, some people will say "You're spending extra money on a game by renting it! zomg!" ... Uh .. no. Not really. In the long run, if the game is interesting enough that I actually play it during the week that I have it, then it stands a good chance that I'll buy it; however, if I don't play it, or worse, I return it within a day, then I've saved myself money on buying a dud. So far, the "shareware" concept works for console games.
  10. C'mon peeps. We need moar!!!! Moar Moar Moar!!! Our team activity is flagging, we're being overtaken and stagnating in and around 500th place. Let's at least try to push it up to 450 or so sometime before the next century!
  11. Thick and tasty, this mix starts off slow-roasted for maximum pleasure. The plucked intro's grace yields to a nice kick/snare combo with a bit of an overly loud high-hat in the left ear. Ahh...but enter the sinth pads countering the main melody being sung by a multiple violin set. The strings have been set in the back far enough to carry without being overly sappy. The high-hat is still tinging away though.... It all comes together with a piano interperatation of the Vega "End Theme" as the guitar contiues to pluck away. Synth pads meander in the back, behind the piano, providing interesting harmonizations. Quality stuff....but that high-hat nags me throughout the entire work. 9.5/10
  12. This sounds like something one would hear at the end of the game while the credits roll across the background of the rainbow track as Mario drives a final lap holding th e checkered flag. No, that's not a run-on, and neither is it disparaging. It's good in its own merit, and has its place. Well thought of, but the engineering has too much treble, lending a rather tinny sound.
  13. Never played the game, but the remix is a good "chill out" for me. Good work!
  14. Thumbs down for this mix. Sorry, but this seemed like a sad cover of another mix on this site of the same game.
  15. Not bad, it's long(ish) without being overly long. It's a good listen if you like hip-hop beats. The only thing that i find extremely irritating is the 38 seconds of silence at the end.
  16. This mix is good for the fans of the original sound track. It's more of an updating of the original score from the chiptune to something with a little more meat to it. It's good, but not great. 3/5
  17. My mind is going.......My mind is going.......My mind is going.......My mind is going.......My mind is going.......My mind is going.......My mind is going.......My mind is going.......My mind is going.......My mind is going.......My mind is going....... Ok, it's gone now. Good mix. I liked it.
  18. I'll chime in and say that this song is on my list of "must haves." The fact that it's A) LIVE and LYRIC is enough. I could care less if I understood what they were saying, the band had fun with it and that's what shines through.
  19. This sounds like a collection of random sounds layerd on top of a broken back beat. I'm sorry, but this song (if it can be called that) bears absolutely zero resemblance to the original. When I first heard it, I thought it was another joke mix along the lines of "Cool Cool Schala" but...the date wasn't April 1, and I wasn't laughing. Harsh? Maybe. But I tell it like it is. rating: 1/10
  20. This track gives me heartburn every time I listen to it. The kind that you can only get from eating really good ethnic Indian cuisine. Hats off to the chef... now ... where's the ice cream... ah, there it is. **hits play again**
  21. This song is very nice, and mellow in the first two and a half minutes until it hits a wall at the end. I will have to disagree with the Hon. Pretzel on the "tightly controlled distortion" at the end. It goes on for FAR too long, and IMO should never have been placed. It sounds like an afterthought and doesn't fit. I would have preferred the removal of one instrument at a time or a FADE to this. Possibly leaving only the frog to make one last croak before ending it. Sorry, the end does not justify the means. 65/100
  22. 00:00 - 00:23 - Good solid intro that gets fleshed out well. 00:23 Main Melody kicks in. There's enough variation in the playing to keep the listener jamming well. 1:00 The second phrase, the rhythem guitar takes over and the drums come up. Well driven. Waiting for the expected return of the lead guitar. 1:21 TRAIN WRECK!!!! Van Halen crawls out of the overdriven amplifier and screams out a hyped out solo. Not a bad solo, but it kind of shocks the listener. 1:43 - Church organ? 2:03 - Fades into main melody with coda into a march beat played on the open hi-hat? Not bad when listened on the whole. A good piece that was well engineered. The heavy metal influence is definately in effect. 85/100
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