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  1. I just recently listened to this remix and feel I have to add a comment about it. Love the intro, totally feels like something out of Persona, or another SMT game (the piano with static/mild distortion). Then the bass hits and flows into what (sadly) feels like standard techno. However, given that the original piece is just a strip of background noise in my mind, this is definitely an enhanced take on it. Mad props for that. I just feel that the latter aspects of the remix could've been further expanded on. Then again, it may just be the unusually powerful intro that dominated the mix. Overall, seek it out and download it. It is tasty. And Suzu, it's been awhile, no?
  2. Dude, I was just thinking about you and this remix the other day. I'll have to check out your site to see what other tasty treats you have for us! As for the mix, golden! The keys, the effects, and the fact that it's a remix of one of my favorite tracks from this game make it an all around highly recommended mix. Get it!
  3. A lot of people are complaining about the intro. Am I the only one who thinks that's the best part of the song? That and the change up from 3:35 to 4:44. Beautiful!
  4. Alright, sometimes when I load up a MIDI file, it'll play it back in FL, and sometimes it won't play it back. How do I fix this?
  5. So you're saying that if I want to save my work with the new soundfonts, I have to get the Soundfont Player as well?
  6. You know a mix is good when it makes you want to play the game it's from. This song makes me want to go out and buy a NeoGeo and this game. Love the upbeat feel and FX involved. You can't just stay still when you listen to all that goes on in this mix. Well done, Wesley Hopper. Anyone know where I can find a rom?
  7. Might want to update the links on page one of this thread, Starla. They're dead/the thread doesn't exist anymore.
  8. I remember when I first downloaded this song so long ago. I had it on loop for a week. But it's still a good song cuz I didn't get sick of it. That's when you have a good song, when you can go back to it a long time later and still love it like the first time.
  9. Wow, I thought this thread died! Well, here's my two cents. The last boss in Persona. Not really hard, just long. And if you weren't built up, then it was Hard.
  10. McV remixed my favorite theme from my favorite SNES platform game, so I'm automatically a little biased toward it. I love the trip-hop drum feel to it with that beautiful piano sound that defines him. I was letting one of my friends listen to this mix and he said, "This sounds like Linkin Park", and we got into this big discussion of how Linkin Park is really just videogame music given lyrics. I didn't notice at first, but this remix does make me wonder if my friend wasn't right. Download now in case you haven't already!
  11. I'm still waiting for the next installment...."Samus on my groin" was it?
  12. You know who's real hard, that fuckin Older Brother Shark boss of Stage 4 in T&C2: Thrilla's Safari. Dude can kill so fast it's not even funny.
  13. DrakeSword should already know my thoughts about this mix, but just in case. Endless Duel was a great game to me and HeavyArms is my favorite Gundam and stage music, so I instantly love this mix on principle and the fact that it is good as it is.
  14. Wow, this thread is still alive and kicking? How cool is that! I haven't encountered any new hard bosses lately, but we find a new game everyday.
  15. But he dropped excellent equipment. Break HP limit and Break Damage limit. Great for making better ultimate weapons than what you were given.
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