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  1. You know, I won a car race once? I raced a supercharged Mazda Millenia against an old Saturn, and I won! It just doesn't matter, until you use your unaided strength. However, I am willing to make exceptions with guys that are programmed to be 100% unbeatable. Then cheating becomes fair.
  2. Yeah, once RIAA casts "Metallica lawsuit" level 99, there isn't much for a main charecter to do, except flee the World Map, or use every last ounce of gold to summon "Ultimate Lawer level 99."
  3. Have you ever played KaaZaa? That RIAA guy is incredibly powerful and it strikes when you least expect it.
  4. I never beat that guy either.....
  5. not in this thread, you don't. not nice work, n00b. Would you rather miss the ending? Anyway, the hardest boss is the timer in Gran Turismo 3. Getting your liscense from him is nearly impossible.
  6. Back when I was 8 years old, M.Bison was the most evil boss ever. It was 1992, and I had SFII for the SNES. I always wondered why he couldn't be selected.
  7. Lizard Tail: From SEGA's big rig arcade machine.
  8. the devils, Devas, and Zodiacs of Tokyo Xtreme Racer games.
  9. Unlike the SNES versions, the Banpresto arcade Sailor Moon game makes Queen Beril (Beryl?) one tough bitch!
  10. As fun to listen to as Bomberman ChipTrip or Zanac SpaceDance
  11. Incredibly fun to listen to with a fun to listen to factor of Zanac SpaceDance. DL this now!
  12. This is the first OC ReMix I like that my dad can stomach.
  13. It rocks, but I preferred the original Genesis sound
  14. Jesus H. Christ! Is it impossible for you intellectual types to have fun? I got a huge kick out of this song until I almost got caught caught with it.
  15. Time for the Simon Cowell impersonation: You are painful to listen to! Get off the stage! And I say F-
  16. Midway to the end it is a great improvement over the original
  17. More hyper than an Excel Excel! More exciting than a two nostril nosebleed! Able to climb each stair in a single bound! DEEYAA!! This rocks!
  18. Rayza has a midas touch for video game music. Anything he touches is made solid gold. He could make a killer song out of a Hong Kong low grade bootleg
  19. this freaky in an awesome way. my limited brain capacity has prevented me from truly telling you how I feel, but I can say this is a MUST HAVE
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