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  1. This remix is stupendous! The beginning (in my opinion) is hilarious, and then it gets down to business with a great take on the original song. This remix, at times, kind of reminded me of the "Blues Brothers" theme from their first movie (one of my favorites). Good stuff!
  2. Great job! I didn't really care for these themes in the game, but they sound very good in this awesome remix!
  3. I wasn't sure if I would like this remix because I didn't like the song from the game, and because I heard it was a long remix. When I heard the song, however, I thought it was one of the best remixes I had downloaded. Good job!
  4. This is a great mix of different songs with all of them kind of blending together. I especially like it when Terra's theme can be heard in the background of some of the shifts. Good job!
  5. One of my Top 5 Favorite Remixes of all-time. Good Stuff!
  6. This remix changed my outlook on a song. The song "Searching for Friends" always annoyed me when I played this game. "The Endless Search", however, convinced me to give that song another chance. When I heard it again (in the game), it still annoyed me, but then I just turned down the volume and thought of this remix. Your song is 1000x better than the song in the game. Good job.
  7. Awesome remix. I think this song was okay in the game, but this remix makes it one of the best.
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