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  1. OK, this mix is great regardless of your level of exposure to the subtle theme previously. I love the transformation of orchestral to bass-thumper and back again, and etc. Just great, download now or face the wrath of malevolent losers everywhere!
  2. dude, this remix owns. it came out at the best time too, cuz i just made a techno cd with this as the intro track. =D kickass track! *thumbs up*
  3. .....ok. this one is goin in my upbeat playlist. if you like beatdrop's other work, this is for you.....actually, just DL it cuz its for you whether you like it or not [/communist approach]
  4. sgx.istheman == true; if(sgx.istheman==true){ thissong.rulzeverything==true; thissong.ismynewfave==true; } self.votesformoresongslikethisfromSGX==true; //
  5. Wow.... I DLed this song after seeing it in the 'first remix you heard" thread as someone's choice. DIZZAMN! This is a cool-ass remix. I like the electronic synth-age, among other things...
  6. I really like this one. It has a melodramatic feel to it, but it still has that composure that can only be produced by Dale North. Lovin' it!
  7. Holy cheeseturtles, batman! This remix owns. If you remotely enjoyed the Song of Storms/ Windmill Theme from Zelda: OOT, DL THIS NOW! Its got that coolness about it. LoL. GJ SOS ON A FIRST REMIX! A JYORB WELL DONE!
  8. i am wondering if its safe to say that ailsean is to OCR as jimi hendrix was to rock. as for this remix, phenomenal. DL now or face the wrath of a hundred enraged llamas! (shakes fist)
  9. ....i wouldnt get pissed. I would just get cheats. lol, that or gamefaqs btw: not really a pain in the ass boss, but fun to do for bragging rights was to kill Fortinbras from Onimusha(Genma, xbox version here) with the plain old katana.
  10. This song is a little long, but it's jazzyness around the middle of the tune, along with vigilante's other tricks up his sleeve will keep this one in your playlist. OORGLE! This song is friggin awesome to study/ do homework to, IMHO. Really really good!!! CHURN OUT MORE, BIZZATCH!
  11. This song is friggin amazing! I love Ailsean's proficiency with the electric guitar, and his choice to remake old stuff. KICKASS!
  12. WOOOO! This song is kickass, djp! It instills in one a sense of effervescence! The kind of bubbly bliss one can only have gotten by listening to old school tunes from the golden age of the '60s. Good stuff!
  13. ...wow! This song is really cool! I liked FF X so much that I bought the OST and this song basically seems to be an expansion on to the Song of Prayer/Hymn of the Faith(rather than just a remix of it), mixed with some classical and rock to enhance the replay value. Really cool song. Kudos to Jared Hudson, you get a gold star!
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