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  1. Wouldn't it be weird if someone ReMixed "Until Forever" as a submission to OCR?
  2. A friend of mine from college is a history major with a serious hard-on for that time and place. He's either gonna really love it or really hate it.
  3. Wow, a D2X league? The game's only been out for like, ten years.
  4. This is just the track I need when I roll through the Zebes hood blastin' on punk-ass Space Pirates. Nice-nice
  5. I have no talent, skill, or knowledge whatsoever in making music. However, if this project as a whole does someday see a production phase, I'd beinterested in doing some voice work. I tried to novelize CT a long time ago... I seem to have lost the disk.
  6. Yeah, I knew you had to steal Dark Matter from Zeromus to take the sting out of his Big Bang attack, but I still had to be at like level 80 something to beat him (with Rosa on medic and Edge throwing everything... Edge kept dying)
  7. I love this mix, and it's prequel. Are you working on the other one/ones? I'm saving my last CD so I can put them all on at once. I'm sure it/they will turn out great. (the /'s mean I forgot how many forms Kefka has, let alone has themes for...)
  8. Dude, quit fucking around and just change your name to God already. Seriously. LOVED this mix, as well as your past few, including your Sonic 3D/Busta Rhymes remix. Come to think of it, all the stuff I have of yours is mint... except for that Ice Cap mix (even though I still have it...) Is that YOUR voice at the beginning? Anyway, keep up the good work.
  9. C'est francios? Engrish prease, Kurono-san Nah, j/k; it's a cool track. The chicks must dig you and your open-shirt remixing style. C'est tres bien. That's about the extent of my French vocab, having taken Italiano in high school.
  10. Since these two pussies--I mean, PUSSIES--keep getting mentioned, I will once again reiterate the strategy that llowed me to conquer them with a minimal amount of effort: do whatever preparations you usually do; Final Attack=Phoenix, Mime, KOR, etc. Make sure someone has Hades. Hades STOPS the weapons. As in the Stop spell, meaning that they shouldn't be counterattaking. The best team to use is Cloud, Cid and Barret, since their limits all do over 10,000 HP apiece (if you're feeling lucky you can sub Tifa for one of them, but those 3 do THE most damage IMO). Don't remeber too clearly, but I think Ruby was still able to counter KOR with Ultima despite being Stopped, but you can just use Bahamut ZERO instead until your limits fill again. I usually have my active party in Fury at all times (Limit fills faster), but I finally realized what made it a negative status: apparently, you take more damage from attacks. Butagain, if you feel lucky, it's something to consider doing.
  11. Oh... my... God... --can't... stop... playing it.... kicks... too much... ass..... SPEED UPPU!!!
  12. It's kinda silly, really... I should try casting Stop on all nasty bosses in Square games... Golem Twins fell to it FF7 Ruby and Emerald fell to it... eventually... Hope they don't catch on... just remember kids, if all else fails, STOP!
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