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  1. Got sick of writing walls of text, but was too tempted to not do so if I'm here regularly
  2. So I just remade Chiron TL34 in Halo Reach. Here's some pictures. Which level should I remake next? I'm leaning towards Prisoner.
  3. Never you mind about the bullets left in that magazine, go ahead and reload. They'll magically be consolidated into the last magazine you have. - (every first person shooter ever)
  4. Here is the series of events that would have sold Kinect to me immediately. Kojima walks out on stage with a controller. He demos MGS:Rising with a controller by cutting up a few practice bodies. He then says, "and if you want to stab" (and the moment he says stab, he jabs his hand forward and Raiden sticks his sword into one of the bodies. Kojima then starts waving his hand around coyly wondering what's happening as the sword follows his arm motions with a body stuck on it. They missed this opportunity.
  5. I knew , but it never saw it in a medley.
  6. I don't know. I just found that gif today.

  7. Well, the left used to be conform to most of my ideals, like Jefferson. But they were usurped.

  8. Phew, guess I don't have to hold that grudge.

  9. Download chatzilla for firefox, it works well and it sets itself up.
  10. Glad to hear Voices of passion in this mix. It's nice to hear outside of their demos. I wish you guy's would have no voted it just so he could make it longer. Not that it's too short. This is pretty brilliant.
  11. Zwitra's Rain in Chicago is one of my favorites on this site, but I don't think I will download this.
  12. Ahh shit. I never got around to switching this up before they judged it. I got a resubmit from one of the judges, It's just unfortunate that I knew about the problems that they stated but never worked on it. I'll probably get to it in a month or so.
  13. So... What's so great about half-life. I'm gonna go play some halo now...
  14. Could I get some Uprising Teddy Bear? It's the teddy bear from the Muse Uprising single cover. It could be filed under non-game Other. LT: The image link is broken, but I looked at the album cover and don't see it working as an avatar.
  15. I just got my PCR-800 and I'm trying to set up some controls. There are 10 knobs at the top of my keyboard. My keyboard also has something called control maps, which allows me to create presets for the channels that the knobs at the top control. The problem is that I want each control map to control different things, but there aren't enough channels (127, I think is standard MIDI) for the 16 different control maps (160 knobs + a bunch of other buttons). How do I get it so that each control map controls parameters I want it to. I have a control map editor which allows me to change the messages to things like channel messages, free messages, System Realtime, System ex., and tempo. Under channel messages, there's RPN/NRPN and Control change which are the only things which have value ranges, and the ability to change channels (control numbers) or MSB/LSB.
  16. Well the point of the choir was to bring in more of the source, to give it a little bit more of a connection and say "Hey, this is pretty close to the original's choir". But you're right about changing up the guitar around 2:00. I'll see if I can come up with something.
  17. I just but an Edirol PCR-800 for $299 on amazon. Was that a good deal?
  18. Should I lower the volume on the bass? For some reason I'm just stuck. I don't know how to do what I want to do with this. And you're right. I've been making this song completely with headphones. I can't turn up the sound on anything without it becoming too distorted. And I have a shitty sound card. So I have to encode the damn song every time I want to hear what it actually sounds like. Ahhhh. I'm going to best buy damn it. Edit: Apparently it wasn't my sound card, it was the fl studio demo that wasn't working with Kore player. I just tried the Ableton live demo, and it's working 10 times better. Ableton is as easy to use, I'll use it instead. I believe it is sampled, but I heavily modified it with effects.
  19. I'm not and I will. Most people misinterpret their own work anyway. They come into it with an Idea, and think the final product fits it, when it completely doesn't.
  20. I originally started this as part of a soundtrack for the game I'm making, walking through some sort of desolate, foggy place. Then I just kept adding layers. The idea came to me while thinking of what if Shadow temple actually had a song in it, and I took it's motif, and turned it into something ominous but not as scary. I wanted to convey a sense of harmless danger, corpses that wanted to make you stay, but couldn't do anything about it, and as you're leaving, they start screaming in futile. That's what I take from the end anyway. I'll continue to develop this until I get feedback that people think it's good for submission, or I run out of ideas. Update: Just added a few extra melodies to the end to draw on more of the source content, upped the volume, and added a few nuances that should make it more dynamic. As always, It's on my blog or you can download it.
  21. Ok, So I reworked some of the sounds. I made it a little more dynamic with how hard the notes were pressed, and I've switched around the ending a little again. Is this ready for submitting? Does it sound close enough to to count as a remix? Any thoughts would help.Again, It's on my blog or you can download it.
  22. I don't really dig the piano that starts at 1:52. It sounds like it's being played in a small room, when everything else is played in a cave, and it's really bright. All the other solo's fit well with each other though. I hear the source in the background pattern, so that's good.
  23. I agree with your analysis on the mood breaking. I'll see if I can't find a different sound for the synth lead at the end.