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  1. Yes, using ASIO drivers. I have several installed. I'm doing this in FL Studio, by the way. The ASIO DirectX Full Duplex driver gives me 93ms at 44100Hz. If I set the sample rate to 96000Hz, I get 43ms with this driver. It won't let me set the sample rate any higher than that. Using ASIO4ALL v2, I'm able to set the sample rate no higher than 44100, giving me 7ms, but I can still hear enough delay that it bothers me. I think it's reporting a lower latency than I'm actually getting. cmasiopPCIX can get me down to 6ms. The Generic Low Latency ASIO Driver isn't as good as these others, and I can't actually make it so I can hear my input. The other driver I have is the Yamaha USB ASIO driver, and while it gets down to 20ms, the only output I can select is the output on the mixer itself. I might have been testing things the wrong way before, because I was sure I wasn't able to actually go that low. I'll check some more stuff out and see if I can't eke out another millisecond or two. In regard to my original question, would a headphone amp be able to raise the signal loud enough to be useable and not significantly degraded in quality? Thank you for getting me to go back and check my drivers again.
  2. Short version: Mixing 4 headphone outputs into 1 with a passive mixer, but volume levels are very low (insertion loss of 12 dB from mixer). I want to know if a headphone amp between the mixer and headphones will ramp up the volume to an acceptable level without causing degradation in sound quality. More info: Right now I'm trying to come up with a way to be able to hear what I'm recording into my mixer and hear the backing tracks/metronome from the computer at the same time. I use a Yamaha Audiogram USB mixer to record piano, electronic drums, and guitar. It works fine for recording. I can use either the headphone jacks on the instruments themselves or the headphone jack on the mixer to hear what I'm playing, but with the headphones on I can't hear what's coming from the computer when I want to play along to a metronome or other parts I've previously recorded. Listening to just the computer speakers is okay, but I can't hear exactly what I'm playing while I'm playing it unless I set things up so the sound from the mixer gets mixed into the computer's output, but because of the driver's latency, I have about 25 ms of lag between what I play and when I hear it. I decided to get a small, passive mixer (ART SplitMix4) to combine the headphone output from all instruments and the computer and then plug my headphones into the output from there, but the problem is (as those of you who know a decent bit about hardware already understand), that the volume is too low. With the output on my computer and this mixer at max, it's audible but not quite enough. That's almost a solution, but unfortunately on the drums, guitar preamp, and piano, the volume for the headphone jacks is the same as for the 1/4 outputs, so if I ramp up the volume to hear them in the headphones, the levels going in for recording are going to be insanely high. So, will a headphone amp connected to the output of the mixer and then running headphones through that solve my problem? Or is there a better solution?
  3. I've gotten killed plenty of times because of walking into a new "zone" and the music not changing and new monsters spawning until I'm already a decent bit into the area. Music changes and all of a sudden mobs twice my level pop in all directions. And yeah, the zones are repetitive. The area around Ul'dah has at least 7 or 8 of the same exact hill connecting high and low elevations, and the same land bridge right next to it in most cases. The Black Shroud is rather repetitive too. I'll concede that they've made a lot of good changes from the beta last year, and I'm looking forward to what they have planned for next year, but it still doesn't come close to FFXI.
  4. I usually play at night, Japan time, but I'm on Kashuan. I just started last week though.
  5. So, I bought the game and decided to give it a second chance. A lot of things have changed for the better, but I'm struggling with the terrible targeting system. If I'm not lined up just right with something, it'll target something way off in the distance instead of the mob right in front of me. And for all the leves where you fight multiple monsters at once (or things like moles and bogies that disappear and have to be retargeted when they come back), it's an incredibly frustrating experience. I really hope they fix that at some point when they fix everything else.
  6. On PS3, you can spot people by pressing Select. That said, it doesn't always work for me. Even on Bad Company 2, half the time I can get someone in my sights and press select to spot them so my teammates can take them out in case I miss, but the orange triangle doesn't pop up. I'm enjoying the game so far, but I've noticed a few things that I hope they fix. A minor one is that sometimes after respawning, I'll have the "press X to accept revive, press O to respawn" stuff on the screen while running around normally. As for the major issues, there have been several times I've been right next to a short fence or something to jump over and I have to press jump 3 or 4 times to finally make it over. There was a spot like that in the subway area where I noticed my teammates all just walking through no problem (a gap in a wooden fence), but I had to try jumping at least twice every time to get through. Sometimes when getting up after crouching or going prone, I can't run. L3 doesn't respond until I crouch and stand back up AGAIN, and then I can finally run. The last thing is falling under the map. The A M-Com station of the first set has a deep hole near it. I walked over to look at it and it sucked me in. A teammate was stuck down there, too. And not always, but most of the time, just about anywhere on the pavement around that particular M-Com station will slowly pull you under the map if you stop moving. I would run over to disarm a bomb and while I'm standing there I'm slowly falling under the map. Aside from that stuff I'm enjoying it. I was definitely surprised at first thought to see the assault class have the medic kit and defibrillator.
  7. Have they done anything about the system requirements? My desktop can run Crysis at pretty decent settings but when I played the beta of FFXIV last year it was sluggish even at minimum settings. I played XI for several years and was really looking forward to playing XIV, but with the crazy system requirements and the terrible state the game was in when it released, I gave up on it, but I'm interested in all the updates and changes they've put in.
  8. Bought it twice, once for myself and another for my brother. I'm loving this music, especially Super VVVVVVeat Boy, Fight the Current, and Katana Blaster. Keep it up!
  9. I'm not sure about Reaper, but I had a similar problem in FL Studio that I was able to fix by turning off multithreading in the options. Maybe it'll fix your Reaper problem?
  10. This was happening to me about a month ago. Not sure exactly what caused it, but I fixed it by opening FL Studio and switching to a different ASIO driver before loading a project. That fixed it for me.
  11. Yeah, it would definitely be nice to have PSN back over here!
  12. The thing I don't understand about the pitch bends is that they used to work with VSTs. I had a few tracks I made several years ago (probably around 2003) where I used the piano roll pitch bend to bend notes on soundfonts I was using. SFZ is the soundfont player VST I was using. I have copies of the mp3s I exported and those have the pitch bends, but in the current versions of FL, VSTs ignore the same pitch bends in the same FLPs.
  13. I don't post much, but this sounded like a lot of fun (and it was!), so here's my attempt: http://tindeck.com/listen/kzjw
  14. Yeah, but what I thought was odd about it is that the backup file was much more recent than my most recent save. I opened the project and half my drum and bass guitar parts were missing. I scrambled to the backup folder and found one that had my stuff in it. Do you mean that it autosaved and then later on I closed FL (or it crashed) before I did a normal save? I hadn't thought about that, actually! I tried the recording several more times and it finally worked. For some reason, setting the start point for playback closer to the beginning of the song is what did it. I was in song mode the whole time for sure, though, so I don't know what was actually causing the problem.
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