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  1. Quick question. If the vb switch is really, actually coming up within a week as TO suggested, could we perhaps have an actual announcement about the fact? There are some threads that need to be backed up before the forums are wiped and it would be nice to know exactly what kind of timetable we're looking at rather than just waking up one morning and finding everything deleted.
  2. I'm in. My computer isn't all that fast, but it's better than nothing.
  3. Works fine. I just never got why certain anime-type characters have transparent hair.
  4. Very nifty. I'm downloading the torrent as we speak. I'll be sure to leave it up for a while.
  5. Well, I never really got into the Donkey Kong Country series of games. I played a little bit through emulation, but I didn't really find them all that spectacular. However, I ran into this mix while going through the OCR bitorrent. This is the kind of piece that makes you go back to the orignal soundtrack to find the original piece. Unlike much of bLiNd's work, this is very mellow and relaxing. It just sounds fantastic. The VGMix version posted seems pretty much the same, but a few parts sound a little better. I really enjoyed this ReMix. It is very similar in structure to the original, but th
  6. No one has reviewed this game in a year and a half. I really enjoyed this one. Very catchy, very fun, and quite listenable. I can't really explain it, but it's just a really fun piece. Well, I hope you didn't wait a year and a half for that review. 91/100
  7. This was one of those mixes that I played over about 10 times when I first downloaded it. I enjoyed the original soundtrack to this game, and I enjoyed every aspect of this ReMix. It is very dramatic, powerful, and it has great momentum. I absolutely love the climax starting at 2:47. That may be one of my favorite moments in any OC Remix yet, with only a couple of exceptions. Very nice work. 98/100, and awfully close to a 99/100. Let's call it a 197/200.
  8. It is the General Discussion forum (now just the "General" forum). It is the primary forum on OCR and the most recently posted in threads there are displayed on the front page. The forum is moderated, but not too heavily (you don't need to censor your language). Just FYI, this wasn't just in response to you, but to anyone else who is interested.
  9. Nothing if you are a conservative, or simply enjoy a vigorous political debate.
  10. Try adding "http://" to the beginning and they should work.
  11. Yeah, I didn't think he was that hard. I think The Mad Hatter and Mr. Freeze were harder. I loved that game, though.
  12. I am a little surprised that there are not more reviews of this song, so I might as well add my two cents. I really, really enjoyed this piece. Every element was perfect in execution, and it had a very professional feel to it. I want to say that I wish it were longer, but I think it was just long enough. It feels very complete, despite its length. An excellent remix. 94/100.
  13. The reviews thus far seem rather mixed, even DJP's, but this may very well be my favorite remix on this site thus far. I listened to it on headphones and havn't noticed a volume problem compared to other remixes. What can I say? I really liked the orchestral intro. I liked the devlopment from 1:50 to 3:11. I enjoyed the trance part of the piece immensly (and trance is generally not my favortie genre). And the ending did its job well. Although each part of the song seperatly is not the absolute best within its own genre, the flow, momentum, beauty, and power of the remix makes it one of my fa
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