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  1. This is such a quickly made and an amazing album. Good job to all who worked on it.
  2. Assuming you mean FADC after a Flash Kick, nope. You would lose your down charge. I know the inputs in this game are forgiving, but I don't think they are that forgiving. Even if it's possible, I never see any of the top Guile players use it, so it must be too hard even if it can be done. My favorite U1 combo though would have to be: crumple stun-->shades-->U1.
  3. My salt is everywhere. The damage for flash kick -> FADC - > U2 is the most embarrassing thing ever. Still salty over that U2 nerf.
  4. I still play. Xbox only, and Guile only.
  5. Because he's Guile. That's the only reason you need.
  6. I'm still waiting for them to add Guile. I will only pick up the game if they do.
  7. I just wanted to drop in and say that this album is AMAZING!
  8. Thisssss. Back when I was a kid, I used to get to this battle just for the sake of hearing it. I would just leave the game sit there, and I would do whatever in my room. Where did you get it for $7? Very nice find. I remember being at Blockbuster one day, and I would always see this huge SNES box on display. I kept wondering why the box was so large. I couldn't find anything to rent one day, so I got Earthbound for the hell of it. To my surprise, Blockbuster even had the guide. It was beat up though. I didn't even know it was an RPG. I loved it so much, I had my Mom look for it for my birthday. She couldn't find it around locally, but one night coming home from out of town, she found it at a Wal-mart. Best game to randomly rent, ever.
  9. I, too, love his movie reviews. You can tell that's his main passion. Seeing him go to where the movies were actually shot, for example, when he does the side by side shots of the Rocky movie, is pretty cool. I am jealous of his collection of video games/systems he has accumulated over the years of doing the AVGN. I wish I had something like that.
  10. It doesn't help that the assault rifle is the worst thing ever. Even in Slayer, I run around with the magnum over the assault.
  11. Anyone remember Lords of Magic? When that game came out, my computer was so crappy. When my turn was over and all of the computer players took their turns, I could go make a sandwich, eat it, come back and maybe it was my turn.
  12. Well, then I guess Master Chief is just better than the Noble Team. Speaking of Master Chief, did anyone catch his easter egg? I remember reading about it, but I totally forgot about it. Probably got lost somewhere in the frustration during all of my failed attempts in the Legendary Campaign.
  13. Exactly. The gameplay is fine. It's fast paced and easy to use. The ability to dodge attacks and perform finishers add some excitement, but of course, the novelty wears off after a bit. I just didn't like having to go into first person mode just to be able to fire missiles. The story wasn't the worst thing I've seen, but I agree it was awkward at times. The part with Ridley was fine, but I think it was just done way over the top.
  14. I did Legendary on solo from the get-go. There are some parts that will have you trying probably 10-20 times, but it's all about finding the right strategy and hoping the enemies aren't ridiculously lucky. Their aim is so good is laughable at times. Just play it safe. Hide behind cover, often. Any long range weapon should be your weapon of choice(DMR, Sniper rifle, long range combustion weapon that I forget the name of. It's similar to the DMR). The magnum is also ridiculously good. The final area almost had me screwed over. I tried to run past the last 2 Elites to the cannon to see if I could just wing it, but they kept killing me while in the gun. This was my checkpoint too, but after about 5 deaths, the game reverted me automatically to the checkpoint before that. That was cool. I never played the campaign for Halo 1 or 2, but I'm pretty sure Master Chief wasn't alone through the whole campaign in Halo 3.
  15. This, this, and more of this. This is why Legendary is so hard, because it is literally 1 vs the entire Covenant.
  16. I wonder how many episodes I've missed. I probably haven't watched one in well over a year, haha.
  17. Speaking of power ups, I just want to know why we had to get authorized to use the Varia/Gravity suit. Also, the Gravity suit is supposed to look different than the Varia. At least the color, anyway.
  18. Well, it's like Chrono Trigger. A lot of people would like a sequel, but why? Why try and build upon something from what is probably one of the most favored RPGs? It just makes a lot of room for disappointment. If enjoyable Metroid experiences are created, then I'll be happy. I'll also be happy knowing that Super Metroid will probably be my favorite Metroid title, ever. Fusion and Zero Mission were great, but they weren't Super Metroid. Keep doing stuff like that.
  19. It has definitely exposed myself to many types of music that I listen to now. I mean, I guess video games have helped with that too. It's just that I've learned to appreciate a good piano or cello now when I hear something like this: http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR01040/ I actually have interest in wanting to get a keyboard to try to play. Back in middle school I took a class for keyboards, but I obviously didn't take home much from it because I remember pretty much nothing.
  20. I've never played the Civilization series, but Civilization V looks really nice. How is V supposed to be for computers specs? It doesn't look like it's too graphic intensive. Here's the GameTrailers video review for it. SD version: http://www.gametrailers.com/video/review-civilization-v/704828 HD version: http://www.gametrailers.com/video/review-civilization-v/704829
  21. Everyone tell him we want another 2D Metroid.
  22. I've been wanting a DSLR for so long. Still don't have one yet. Here are some random photos I've taken over the past couple of years. A baby Sand Hill Crane and its parents. Apparently these are rare. A lizard on my window. A bee gathering from some wild flowers last spring.
  23. Let's just hope the 3DS Metroid isn't a demo packaged in the first waves of 3DSs
  24. I'm still waiting for Metroid Dread. Sakamoto "acknowledged" it was real, but who knows when it will be released?
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