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  1. Good song. I know Flex has done this many times, but this is something you've been wanting for a long time HoboKa. Congrats.
  2. Grats Emu. I know how much this means to you !
  3. This has actually been voiced by multiple others as well, and is now fixed in prep for the launch tomorrow.
  4. A friend...which was followed by Secret of Mana/Mega Man X
  5. ...and here I was expecting a Dragon Age question! The best suggestion I'd have for you is to download the demo of FL Studio and get tinkering. http://flstudio.image-line.com/documents/download.html Not everyone around OCR played piano as a kid or is trained in musical theory. Some of us (like me) didn't get into music until high school or even later. As Salluz said it's about the drive. If you really want to make this happen you need to take the first steps yourself. There's plenty of helpful people here that won't mind guiding you in the right direction with your music. !
  6. The album has reached the half-way point on YouTube so I'm making this bump posting . Thus far the songs uploaded have been from the intro theme through the Kraid boss encounter (Kraid will be up in about an hour). Norfair, Maridia and more good stuff is still coming up! Remember, this is to raise money for Child's Play so please donate if you can. Even if it's $1, it adds up. Donations have reached $200 on the dot, but I'm sure much more can be achieved ! Aside from answering anything in the thread I will make one more post on December 15th. That is when the album will be released in MP3 format.
  7. Still in complete shock about this. I knew he was old, but man...this guy was a staple of my childhood. Haven't been this crushed by a celeb death since Steve Irwin. Dennis Hopper was a big bummer too . Him and Mel Brooks. Both 84, and among the greatest comedians to have ever lived. After those two we have Robin and Jim. What sucks is Leslie wanted to do Naked Gun 4 ...hopefully Mel can do another film before he leaves us.
  8. Nothing wrong with that at all. The end-goal is what truly matters =). Best suggestion to help out for those who have already donated would be to tweet this, share it with your gamer friends, etc, and perhaps they will donate. Thanks for the kind words thus far.
  9. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16824001392 Really good looking 27" monitor for $300. Can function as a TV/play console games too!
  10. There is going to be a live album streamed listening party tonight at 8bitx.com, starting around 8:15 EST on Radio Free Gamer. Come join us in the chat room then! http://www.8bitx.com/ircchat.html ____________________________________ Howdy everyone! I've redone the entire soundtrack to Super Metroid in an effort to help raise money for Child's Play (www.childsplaycharity.org). So, what would Samus do? She'd help out a bunch of needy kids right?! www.8bitx.com/supermetroid The above URL is the MAIN SITE for this project. It's where the donation tab is location and where MP3's will be available (for free) on December 15th. At the moment I'm uploading one new song a day on my YouTube (www.youtube.com/tenchuxmusic) in an effort to help build exposure for this project. I'm hopeful this tactic will increase the amount of money raised before releasing them all in MP3 format on the date listed above. As of this posting it's been three days, so I've included the links to the three songs below. They are all going in order (in large part) of when you'd hear them during an actual play-through of the game. I tried to recreate a lot of the events that take place within the game during songs as well...be it a ship landing, alarms, eruptions, etc. Opening Theme Theme of Super Metroid Boss Encounter Ridley + Escape Please keep in mind that I'm not a professional musician. I'm not even on OCR (though I hope to be one day ). This was all done from the heart. Not posting this for critique or anything like that. Just trying and help raise some money for the charity ! I had some trepidation about making a thread for this, but I saw a few threads of personal albums/news and the like in the Community topic so I hope it's ok I do the same with this. Any donation amount is appreciated, even if it's $1 it adds up and will go a long way. Thank you greatly for reading this, and I hope many of you will participate in this cause and enjoy the music. Even if you don't donate to this, or can't afford to right now, there's always a charity and people out there that could use some help . Happy Holidays!
  11. I truly wish I was in the area for this. Definitely go if you're around these parts!
  12. That's a neat idea about blending the two. That's one of the really awesome things about the H4n. Music wise I saw a video with a person who had two mics hooked up on top of the H4n's while playing the piano and it sounded awesome. You also seem to reaffirm purchasing an SM58 ?
  13. So I just bought an H4n for the purpose of interviewing people (and because it's really good for recording live instruments). This isn't entirely music related since it's for interviewing, however this is the first place I thought of turning to. The question is: What's a great interview microphone for plugging into the XLR slot at the bottom of the H4n. Based on my research it seems to point towards buying a Shure 58 - though there are load of various models of this mic. I need the info fast because I'm heading out to E3 next week and I'm buying online (which means shipping). If it's also good for recording instruments, that's a bonus, but a microphone with noise cancellation (good for a noisy convention center), is directional (where you point it is where the main source of sound comes from), and makes use of the H4n XLR slot (high quality) would be best. *crossing my fingers*
  14. Seriously solid stuff. I loved the intro especially.
  15. Absolutely loved it. I'm a massive fan of the original ME soundtrack (2nd one too). Very full, and it retains that winter feel.
  16. The Ice Cap remix (maxed out) on solo piano is freaking hilarious.
  17. Just a followup since this has all happened. The PBS special is tomorrow and I can tell you that it's going to be insane! You'll wish you were there (if you're not going) after you hear what Tommy says about it. The VGL Article: http://elder-geek.com/2010/03/video-games-live-experience The OCR DK2 Album + Tommy Tallarico Interview: http://www.8bitx.com/RadioFreeGamer/RFGPodcast/RFGWorld2Level9.mp3 Just the Tommy Tallarico Interview: http://www.8bitx.com/RadioFreeGamer/2010/03/tommy-tallarico-interview.html (MP3 link is included twice within) Thanks again for your questions and I hope you find the interview enjoyable!
  18. Yeah, thanks for chiming in guys! I can confirm that Tommy pretty much hits on every point made in this thread. He's a great dude, and we hope you'll join us for the airing of his interview as well as our review of the DKC2 Serious Monkey Business Album. Again, thanks!
  19. Greetings fellow game music fans! We have a very special announcement over at Radio Free Gamer; a weekly internet radio show that focuses on video game music! www.radiofreegamer.8bitx.com I had the pleasure of meeting a very neat person a few days ago after an awesome Video Games Live show. So how does that tie in? Next Wednesday's show (March, 24th @ 7:00 PM EST) we're going to be joined by none other than Tommy Tallarico. Yes, that would be the co-founder of Video Games Live, G.A.N.G, and composer of an astonishing amount of games. It's an absolute honor that he's going to be talking with both Justin Johnston and myself over at Radio Free Gamer. But wait... just us I thought... wouldn't it be a great idea to ask the greatest game remixing community on the planet for some questions? So, during the interview there will be a special fan Q&A segment where we'll chose questions asked directly by you! One big point of discussion is going to be the upcoming Video Games Live concert in New Orleans at the Pontchartrain Center at 8 PM, April 1, 2010 with the Louisiana Philharmonic. (Tickets on Sale) What's so important about this show is that it's being filmed for a NATION WIDE PBS SPECIAL! That's right, the whole country will get to experience just how awesome video game music is. This specific concert is a huge step forward in showing everyone just how valid of an art form video game music is. Tommy is currently working his butt off for the next three weeks preparing for it. It doesn't end at this awesome Q&A with Tommy Tallarico! We're also going to be covering the superb Donkey Kong Country 2 album (Serious Monkey Business) that was just released here on OCRemix! An album that itself is a groundbreaking achievement for the advancement of video game music. I can already tell you that I will be asking Tommy what his thoughts are about fellow professionals David Wise, Grant Kirkhope, Robin Beanland making such an awesome contribution to the DKC 2 Album. Now while Radio Free Gamer is typically live, the segment with Tommy Tallarico is going to be recorded earlier. This Friday afternoon to be exact. I'm not going to be able to look through this thread or twitter and shuffle around questions at... lets say, after 12:01 PM this Friday. For those who want a little more insight into the Video Games Live experience I will have a feature article on www.elder-geek.com on what's looking like Thursday or Friday of next week. The article itself will also have a link to the interview in case you missed it airing live on Wednesday's Radio Free Gamer. So there you have it! Feel free to ask your questions in this thread. You can also follow me on twitter... http://twitter.com/TenchuX ...for updates. You can alternatively ask me your Tommy Tallarico question on there as well if you wish. Thanks for reading and I look forward to some great questions from this amazing community!
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