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  1. It's good to know that he has made more songs than what he has on his site. I'd appreciate that link if you could Sobou. My current favs are: (these are direct downloads by the way) http://www.ssh.ne.jp/mp3/ms.zip (The Coop should recognize this one ) and http://www.ssh.ne.jp/mp3/ff6_tdb2.zip (Who wouldn't recognize this one) I don't see why it would be a problem, since you can download tunes off his site for free (which these 2 are from). And we're not exactly making money off of them, just sharing them for others enjoyment. Oh well, if I get burned for this, so be it, at least it'll be me an
  2. I have no idea what the reviews on this game were (good or bad), but it rarely ever gets mentioned so I nominate: Silhouette Mirage (PS1) Extremely colorful is probably the best way to describe it. The whole game concept could be described as "Huh?". The fighting sytem was kind of hard (turn left for red damage, turn right for blue). The bosses were retarded and rather difficult. But the whole game was just hilarious and addictive. I only beat it once, but I played it for 2 months straight. I might just decide to play it in a few. I also throw in a vote for FFMQ. There are other games mention
  3. I love the list and the story. And while I can come up with exceptions to a lot of those rules, and that some are obviously meant for one game in particular, I find that list to be unsurprisingly accurate. Hooray for RPGs
  4. I like how the thread itself looks. Very clean, lots of info. Don't really care for how the thread list looks though. Its difficult to tell all of the labels apart. Over all though, I like it.
  5. Went outside and watched most of my neighbors blow up literally thousands of dollars worth of fireworks (very spectacular btw). Drank some champaigne, played some Twilight Princess, and then died.
  6. I would think that it is all about what you consider fun. If you like puzzles, then you'll find puzzle games fun. Like driving? Then you probably like racing games. If I was playing a game where I didn't find it fun and there wasn't any other draw for me, then I would seriously consider NOT playing it. There are plenty of other games out there. I don't think there are any games out there that are so important that you HAVE to play them, even if they're as boring as watching paint peel. Just remember that for every game you don't find fun, there is someone out there who enjoys it.
  7. I currently live on the bottom half of the B in Cuba (though it should really be called Puerto Rico, they far out number the cubans here) I used to live just to the left of the W in Whitey. And before that, about as far to the upper left of Hicks as you can get/
  8. Happy Day to all of you fruitloops out there.
  9. I'll sig you wingless, just give me something "witty"
  10. ... We HAVE to get our own Bikini Bandits here in the US. Hell yeah. It would give the Victoria Secret girls something to do between commercials.
  11. Drakonis GTR

    PC Gaming

    I feel your pain. I used to play Duke Nukem 3-D and Marathon on my old Mac, but then I had to send the Mac to my brother, and UPS managed to break the monitor. And even a Mac emulator won't play the games, so I have no choice but to find either an adapter for a regular monitor or a Macintosh Monitor so that I can play those games again. Its gotten to the point now where I can't even play Warcraft 2 on my current PC. I don't know if anyone else has this problem, but I can't slow the scrolling down. Just a brush of the mouse sends the cursor all the way to the other side of the map, making it
  12. The only problem I forsee with switching to Mac is Microsoft's control over Mac. Something tells me that when Vista goes mainstream, something along the same lines will happen to Mac OS. I could be acting paranoid here, but I prefer to think negative, so if the positive happens, I'm pleasantly surprised. And while I'm not questioning the authenticity of this article, I don't think that Vista will be quite that restrictive. Or at least, there will be versions available (probably for high price) that will have lower restrictions. As the article pointed out, certain fields, such as medicine, can'
  13. I played trombone for 6 years (6th grade thru to graduation). Played mostly Tenor, though I used an F-attachment for 5 of those years. Unfortunately, its been about 6 years since I played, so I'm a little rusty. As for grading, the only diffrence we had from regular high school classes would be chairs. Chairs were 1st, 2nd, and 3rd (and sometimes 4th, though rarely) and these were obtained by skill. I myself was 1st. And of course your chair determined your part in the music, 1st having the most difficult. And in regards to marching, while playing trombone can be kind of rough on you (yeah, I
  14. About the only people I have ever had bring me food were members of the local baptist church. Mostly bread, and not nearly that often. Is the guy kind of large? Maybe he's trying to get food out of his house to lose weight? Hopefully you're double checking all of this food, the world being what it is and all.
  15. Yeah I would suggest getting all of the games you can on the GC, for the better graphics if nothing else.
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