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  1. I've been looking to get the newest version of Reason to really kickstart myself back into making music again. I was looking at buying 5, but I wonder if I should hold out for 6 instead. If it's not any more expensive I can see waiting. A while back I had picked up one of the newest versions of Sonar Producer and for some reason I just can't get the right creative workflow going whenever I open it. I always loved Reason for the ability to let me just start creating music instantly, while I always feel like I'm having to think hard to just get one basic thing started in Sonar. In the end I always had my specific uses for each but having not made music in forever I just need something inspiring again. Also, I'm still on Reason 2.5, so I'll have a LOT of stuff to learn again.
  2. Tempting. I was a supporter last MAG but never got any of the goodies for it. Not sure if it's worth paying the extra for again. I'll certainly debate doing MAG again if I can.
  3. I bought the 303 EP. I put it on my phone. I have magic anywhere I go now, AND YOU COULD TOO! Seriously though, what's a few bucks for some good music? Plus you are supporting a very talented artist.
  4. Yeah, it's not a tall tower by any means, but dangerous just the same. Self supporting towers do sway a little bit in heavy winds. Doing the bigger climbs and more serious work is not my job, and I'm fine with that. Ferret, tallest radio tower ever is actually just outside town here. It's a little over 2,000 feet tall. There's a climb for you...
  5. Sometimes I do that. http://youtu.be/RQZUVU4RmL4
  6. Flik


    You can barely hear me say "That's a good idea" after that kid yelled that.
  7. Flik


    Video derp derp. http://youtu.be/n1h1AgpJRXk
  8. Flik


    Haha! Nice. I'm uploading video from the shoot. I'll toss a link in when that's done.
  9. Flik


    Had a commercial shoot at a zoo today. They let me into the lemur habitat. I GOT TO PLAY WITH LEMURS. They also chewed on my camera. BEST.
  10. As of today he can now save more money on his car insurance, and he DIDN'T have to switch to Geico.
  11. Just got my copies yesterday. Woohoo! Good music, good cause, good times
  12. It is impossible to ever get tired of hearing how amazing Dale's voice is. And not only the voice, but the musical arrangement as well. It all fits together so incredibly well. I'm very happy to see that he is still involved and a part of this community. Great mix Dale!
  13. I agree with BGC. I just want to play with LEGOs with my friends.
  14. Yes. We must dig a well first to start the peen at a lower level.
  15. Wait, the insane staircase to the golden peen I built is no more? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ok.
  16. Referring to the 'player' talking, it was really only intended for the trailer.
  17. I'm great to see some positive interest already! Glad you guys are enjoying the concept so far.
  18. This is a project Alexander Brandon and I have been working on for a few months. We came up with an idea to make a text based game but give it a twist. A full feature soundtrack including music, sound effects and even voice acting. I spent nearly a week building the concept video in Avid, did a couple of the voices, and then handed it off to Alex to do the rest. What you will see here is the result: As of right now the concept video is all that exists for Hidden Heroes, but if enough interest is shown in the community on not only a wanting to play standpoint, but a helping develop standpoint, we may push to make this game a reality. We'd be eager to hear any input from the community. Thanks!
  19. Flik

    Team Gato 2.0

    I think that you should be wary of corrosion and be taking your anti-rust pills at regular intervals.
  20. Flik

    Live eagle cam.

    Eaglets are getting crazy big now. Not much longer now and I think they'll start pecking away at food on their own.
  21. He probably found naughty photos embedded in the PS3 code that the Sony peeps didn't want seen, so they ended the case and called it even.
  22. Flik

    Live eagle cam.

    Ok, these eaglets are growing like mad. Seriously, how can they be THAT big already?
  23. It's been interesting to read this thread, as for the past several months I've been designing a concept for a similar game with someone else (who I'll keep unnamed at the moment). Hopefully in a couple weeks we will be releasing a concept demo video showing what the game could be like. Once released it will hopefully catch the attention of people who would be willing to aid in the creation of the game. I'll create a separate thread from this one when the time comes so I don't spam this one.
  24. I am going to stream this while I drive. If it's boner inducing I'll let you know.
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