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  1. I just got home and spent about 45 minutes trying to throw something together quick. It's pretty empty sounding and quite ickified on being in tune, but hey, that's what you get for making up the song as you go
  2. The fact that bluefox responded to this thread and hardly even acknowledged the problem just re-affirms to me that this issue is far from over.
  3. Ok, I've never dealt heard any Shining Force music before, but I'll accept the challenge and see what happens.
  4. [shrug] I've stated my case. I don't expect anyone to do anything about it. I have no say in anything management related so if keeping him there is in your best interest, then by all means keep it that way.
  5. You guys can tell me to just ignore him all you want, but I don't have to now. If you guys like putting up with him then so be it. I'm probably the only one who actually cares enough to have publicly brought this up. Also, there is such a thing as exceptions to rules. If someone hasn't broken specific rules, they can certainly do other things to step around them and make everyone miserable. Sometimes making that one exception to stop the problem needs to be done. Anyway, carry on.
  6. Oh yes, this wonderful feature I have used...except for the whole part where no one else uses it and keeps responding to him, so all I see is a bunch of gibberish conversation that makes no sense.
  7. This is something I'm going to publicly bitch about, because I'm sick of it. Ever since "bluefox" came into #ocremix he's made it an annoying place to hang out at. I can not believe the mods have not taken action to do anything to him even though they've witnessed his trolling. He annoys so many people yet is allowed to stay. Since no one else is going to bother changing anything, I'm done with the channel. It's like that favorite bar everyone goes to, but for some reason now the owner just won't throw the guy that drinks too much out. Ruins the experience for everyone.
  8. Well they can't plan a time to strike until some tracks get finished. I may do some more with my part tonight. BGC where art thou?! Also, where in MN might you reside OA?
  9. Now if only TO would pop in and let us know what's going on! I'm trying to get my collab track with BGC finished up, but he seems to be MIA right now as well. Hopefully this gets wrapped up soon so the whole thing can be released! Also OA, you're an evil MN resident? Awesome times.
  10. Thinking of doing one before the crazy holiday times. Looking at around 10pm central tonight (Friday 12-21-07). Feel free to join in at #flikomp on the EnterTheGame irc server. If you've never done a flikomp all will be explained. It's easy, fun, and it gets the creative juices flowing.
  11. No idea how tonight is going to go for me, so for now lets plan on a flikomp at 10pm central. For those who haven't done this before, just meet in #flikomp on the EnterTheGame server and all will be explained (it's simple)!
  12. I actually just watched The Golden Compass tonight. Not bad. I actually enjoyed it a bit. Oh yeah, and the results for Flikomp 11 are here: http://www.epicgaming.us/sadorf/Flikomp/Flikomp11/
  13. Hopefully my timing work out ok tonight and 8pm works out well. This whole thing is simple. Show up in #flikomp on the EnterTheGame server a little before 8pm central to get an idea of what's going on, and have some fun! Flikomp is a motivational compo with no set theme, so you can make whatever you want and not have to worry about winning! A round lasts and hour, with an extra 15 minutes to polish things up and get an MP3 made (128k only). It's a good time, I promise! And I swear to god I won't make such a horrid entry this round. Hope to see a few people there!
  14. Wait, this is being considered complete? Craaaap. Big Giant Circles and I were collaborating on a track. How much time do I even have to finish the track now?
  15. Wednesday, November 28th at 8:00 PM Central! It's finally time for another Flikomp! I'm not going to paste the super long description this time, but instead a short one for anyone who's never been in on one yet. We'll meet in #flikomp on the ETG irc server (same one #ocremix is on). At 8pm Central you'll have an hour to make whatever you want. At 9pm you'll have 15 minutes to finish things up, get your MP3 made (128k only please) and sent to the host, which will likely be sadorf again. Once everyone has the audio files we'll all listen together and have merry fun times. All questions will be answered in chat. It's fun, simple stuff. You'll have good times, except when the dialup peeps are uploading / downloading See you there!
  16. Yep, no more banination! The ETG peeps were quite helpful.
  17. I thought the threads kept getting moved here because I WAS posting them in the wrong area. If it's actually ok posting them in general then I'll start posting them there again later.
  18. This is one of those unorganized weeks of chaos, so lets just toss a flikomp in and make it more fun! Compo Date / Time: Tuesday, Nov. 13th @ 9:00 PM Central. This is a music compo that has no direction other than to give people the motivation to just MAKE something (something I have a problem with all the time). Instead of there being a theme of any sort that may cause someone to turn away because they don't feel they can make something in a certain style, they can just make whatever they want. I encourage original music in this. Flikomp sessions last an hour and fifteen minutes. You'll have an hour to put something together, and 15 minutes or so to do any quick cleanup and effect work and such that you couldn't do in the hour of creation time. We will meet in #flikomp on the EnterTheGame IRC server. Don't worry. This isn't some competition or anything. This is purely a way to motivate people who have difficulty coming up with music to make something. Anyone can join in. You may use whatever tools you normally use to make your music, just as long as you can make an MP3 out of it in the end so everyone can listen. When you make your MP3 it can be e-mailed to sadorf@gmail.com since he's hosting until my server issues are fixed, or uploaded to a server of your choice and the link sent to me or him in a private channel. Name your file "yournickname - Flikomp# - yoursongname.mp3" so we can keep these organized. Once received I will put everything into a RAR file and upload it to my server for all to download. If you have dialup this could be a problem, but we'll do what we can. There will be a half hour break from when I get the RAR file uploaded so everyone can download it, and yes I will try and make individual files available in a public directory if possible. DIALUP USERS There's the obvious issue of upload and download time with MP3's. To make things SLIGHTLY smoother, please don't encode your MP3's beyond 128k (this applies to everyone actually). And since both the .RAR file and individual tracks are made available, it would probably be best to start downloading one track at a time so we can all start listening in a decent amount of time. I'd rather everyone have all the tracks when we listen, but we can't wait for hours if there's a lot of entries. Sorry Flikomp is all about fun. Don't fret if you think your original tune sucks. This compo is so you can make stuff and in turn get better! Hope to see you there, and happy music making!
  19. No, but I'm pretty sure I can make more, of which I will promptly lose as well.
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