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    OMG Flikomp

    Feel like making whatever in an hour? Join us for Flikomp at 9:00pm Central time on Wednesday, April 1st in #flikomp on ETG.
  2. Gario, if you're using Firefox you should install the Chatzilla extension. It's what I use all the time and it's pretty easy to use. But if you're having an actual connection problem then I dunno.
  3. Based on the medical crap a friend has been going through over the last few months, to rectify your problem, DON'T CALL THEM (or if you do be ready to drive over there). Go to their billing office in person and don't leave until they fix the problem. Hospital billing offices have no problem lying to you over the phone, as they did to my friend. After they tried to screw him over he zipped over there in his car and bitched at them in person and stayed put until they fixed their billing errors. Just make sure you have your information straight beforehand. [shrug] Good luck with whatever happens.
  4. Flik


    I produce TV commercials for a Fox station, and many times I've debated making the music for some of my ads since a lot of the crap on the music site we have an account with just blows. I may try and get away with it at some point. Could be fun. There can be a pretty good demand for creative works when it comes to the TV ad industry. If you can make some decent music with some variety, make it unobtrusive yet accommodating to an ad, and be able to make multiple versions of a track (Full, 1:00, :30, :15, :5 sting) then you could have some possible future business in that part of the industry.
  5. I got so wrapped up in my life bullshit that I completely forgot that I had been asked to participate. Sorry I dropped the ball. Maybe another time..
  6. Ok, I'm slightly debating trying to go to MAG this year. Thing is, I drive everywhere and never fly. Why? Doesn't matter, I drive. The thought of driving 1,350 miles by myself leaves a slightly nasty taste in my mouth. If there were someone who'd perhaps care to travel with and share with the driving, I could possibly make it work. I'd be coming from Fargo, ND [shrug] This is just a thought. If anyone has any interest, let me know. I'd be driving a Jeep Grand Cherokee, so there would be some decent room.
  7. Awesome. At least one of my dreams have come true and this project finally saw the light of day. I'm torrenting this at work and will probably listen to it on a long car trip this weekend. Thanks to everyone who was involved in this project. It was a first for me, and was pretty fun despite the mass amount of revising I pushed myself to do on my track. I hope everyone enjoys some aspect of the album.
  8. Flik

    Beatdrop FM

    Sorry I wasn't able to tune in man. I've been working two jobs lately, and 16 hours of work in a day kills my time. I hope the show was fun.
  9. I haven't seen the last few episodes or the ending movie stuff, but Avatar is likely one of those things that was meant to end the way it did and never have any continuation or sequel. If anything, the creators could either spawn a similar series off of Avatar or go a few hundred years into the future again with a new problem. Or, just never touch it again. I dunno... I absolutely loved every episode of Avatar. It was just a refreshingly unique thing that always pulled me in.
  10. There will be NO dying allowed here. You'll get better, it'll just take some time and determination. Take care blind.
  11. Maybe I'll get lucky and this will be released on my birthday this Saturday.
  12. http://directorflik.googlepages.com/iwantdoom.mp3
  13. Hey TO. Does my part of my collab track with BGC sound right? In the last render he had sent me a while back my section sounded somewhat bad due to processing (snare / cymbals / hi-hat sounded way off). I'm hoping that got fixed...
  14. Watch the interview. I actually enjoyed it, and he's got some decent stuff to say. The interview is really laid back and personal. You can spare 20 minutes...
  15. I shoot photos for fun, but usually only when on an adventure of some kind. My wussy arsenal is a Nikon FM with a 24mm Vivitar, 28-80mm Tamron, and a defunct 200mm telephoto, as well as a Nikon D50 with stock lense. When I shot film I almost always used Velvia 50. Fantastic film for doing my long exposure photography. You can see some of my work at http://directorflik.deviantart.com I haven't done anything in quite some time. Hopefully I can get back out there someday and do something new.
  16. Oh man. This reminded me that I had built a retro gaming machine a couple years back that I should really hook back up. Old Pentium 100 Gateway desktop with a ten gig hard drive. I only put a few games on like Doom and stuff, but I also put The Dig back on it. God damn did I love that game. I was actually playing it on my projector when I built the machine. The music was tits in that and the story was great. Wasn't The Dig supposed to be a movie originally, and due to budget reasons they just made it into a game? If that's the case, they should really go back and make it into a movie now.
  17. Damn. And I'm heading out of town at 6 or so tonight to help install a Dolby system in a movie theater. Where are you staying at in town? I pretty much live right off Main Ave and University.
  18. Minneapolis is kind of a second home, but I haven't been there in a couple months. I live in Fargo though. I can't think of any big places of interest. The MOA isn't really that amazing to me. If you want to check out an arcade / bar, you could hit up GameWorks in the downtown area. Kind of a neat place.
  19. Iiiii've got a biiig bag of crabs heeeere. Iiii'm going to put them in my moooooouth. An update would be totally Commander Keen.
  20. Touchscreen panels do not hurt LCD panels if installed properly. An ideal touchscreen setup will have multiple layers starting with the actual LCD panel, then a thin sheet of glass, then the touchscreen, then a protective layer. I've got a Panasonic Toughbook CF-28 that I've been rebuilding. The protective mylar sheet was worn to shit from useage, but after carefully peeling it off the touchscreen layer and removing residue it's completely untouched. Just need to put a new protective sheet over it and all is good again. If I lift off the touchscreen layer and the sheet of glass the actual LCD underneath is pristine. Granted, building your own touchscreen can be as simple as putting the touchscreen overlay directly over the LCD panel. The overlay will actually help protect the original display underneath, but you just need to make sure you don't hammer on it. A good touchscreen won't need much pressure to pick up on where you touch anyway. Also, I'm a douche and did not watch the link provided. I'm just saying what I know
  21. Someday I'll show you guys what I've been doing to the Garfield comics. And I'm pretty sure Jim Davis himself would NOT approve...
  22. blah blah blah blah ban bluefox. Back on topic, you aren't going to have a whole lot of luck killing off the sound between your room and your parents room. The cheapest most practical route you're going to achieve is headphones. You could rearrange your room a bit to so your computer / speakers are as far away from their wall as possible, and you could even go as far as putting some foam panels up on the shared wall to absorb sound. None of what bluefox said is even practical in your case. I mean, if you wanted to go all out you may as well built an isolated wall with an air space between the two. It'll cost a lot to do, make your room smaller, and really annoy your parents! Yaaay!
  23. *trot**trot**trot**trot**trot*...meow....*headbutt* meeeeoooooow...*headbutt* Update?
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