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  1. Actually, the FF9 "loss of me" part is considered a completely different song, called "I must protect"... anyways, it's a great mix... the transitions were seamless, and like all Ailsean mixes, the guitars were amazing... However, there is an updated version of this mix floating around! It used to be on VGMix, but now that VGMix is down, I have no idea where you can find it... It's called "The Knights Come Marching Home... Again" As I posted on some other post (forget where it is), anyone who needs/wants the 'Again' version, contact me on IRC on DALnet, Aniverse, or ETG, my nick is Majin_GeoDooD. You can also catch me on AIM with the screenname MaJiN GeoDooD. btw: I'm a total Ailsean freak . Got 46 Ailsean mp3s in my playlist, 2 hours and 29 mins. Ailsean will get an altar next to my Hendrix altar if he ever does a guitar remix of the FF2j Overworld theme
  2. Love the remix, DJP .. Since i dunno the technical words to use i'll keep it at that.. Not the best "You're Not Alone!" remix in my opinion, and no offense, cuz it's good. I prefer Dale North's and Ailsean's version from ATtNU (although i may be a bit biased due to the fact that Ailsean is my favorite remixer)
  3. Looks like the OCR servers like me better than everyone else (you're welcome Dan).. Like how it starts out with that little creepy feeling, then the melody kicking in. (Not musically-inclined, dunno the technical words i wanna use ). Pretty damn good for a first remix. Should be a little longer, atleast I think Scratty411 could've gotten some more outta there.
  4. wow that would SO rule... i'd also buy that in a second.. I've yet to listen to the remix, it's up next in my playlist, got Beatdrop's new FF8 remix on right now, cool schtuff .. But i enjoy CT music and piano remixes, i'm sure i'll love it *edit* After listening to it, I have one thing to say... HOLY AWESOME! I need to grow two more arms so i can give this four thumbs up, so for right now, two thumbs up. Awesome job!
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