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  1. Am I the only one having connection problems? I noticed I was getting a bit more behind Ickes than usual, so I go to check my logs and it's been trying to reconnect for who knows how long. It's happening on my other PCs, too. This is what my log shows: [16:53:46] + Benchmarking ... [16:53:49] - Preparing to get new work unit... [16:53:49] + Attempting to get work packet [16:53:49] - Connecting to assignment server [16:53:49] - Successful: assigned to ( [16:53:49] + News From Folding@Home: Welcome to Folding@Home [16:53:49] Loaded queue successfully. [16:53:50] Error: Got status code 503 from server [16:53:50] + Could not connect to Work Server [16:53:50] - Error: Attempt #1 to get work failed, and no other work to do. Waiting before retry. It goes on forever.
  2. Actually, it's green. I've had people make that mistake before - it just doesn't photograph well. That Strat will turn into a Warmoth Strat sometime down the line.
  3. I'm not a remixer, but I feel the need to show off Left to right: Teisco ET-200 (1963), Custom Strat, Yamaha FG-04 LTD, Orville Les Paul Custom Black Beauty, ESP LTD EC-400, BC Rich KKV, Ibanez GSR200 Top to bottom: 100w Marshall JMP (1979), Furman PL-Plus II, BBE Sonic Maximizer 482i, Korg DTR-1000, Line6 Pod Pro The Strat now has EMGs, and I've gone back to using pedals with my JMP, instead of the Line6.. for now, at least. Hopefully I'll add an Orville by Gibson SG soon Full list of my gear here: http://majingeo.no-ip.com/gear
  4. I had a 50,000,000 one.. that took a while..
  5. Nice, someone else with some real gear . You're lucky that your first electric was an MIA Fender.
  6. Yep, we're doing pretty good . I'm at 104 WUs .
  7. Time for some real gear : My main guitar is a 1998 Orville (Gibson) LP Custom Black Beauty. I have two EMG 85s in it. I use two other guitars quite often: an ESP LTD EC-400 with two EMG 81s, and a custom Strat that I put together from two other guitars. I took a good Squier II neck and a good Fernandes body and put them together. I still have the stock pickups on it, but that'll change to an EMG 89/SA/SA. My acoustic is a Yamaha FG-04 LTD. Other instruments I own are a 1963 Teisco ET-200, a BC Rich Kerry King V, and an Ibanez GSR200 bass. I plan on buying an Orville Flying V and Orville SG as soon as I see them for sale. My amp is a 1979 100w Marshall JMP. I play it through a Marshall 1960A cab. I just recently changed my rig up. It's pretty simple, and mostly rack based. My guitar runs into a Line 6 Pod Pro, into a Korg DTR-1000 tuner, into a BBE 482i Sonic Maximizer, then into the Marshall. The Line 6 is the preamp and I use the Marshall head as a power amp (no effects loop), giving me the tube crunch on top of the Line 6. Though you can just check out all my gear here: http://majingeo.no-ip.com/gear/. Then again, I'm not a remixer, so who cares?
  8. This new system will be ready to go today.. It'd be about ready now, but I can't find my Win2k CD and am in the process of "acquiring" another. I also, stupidly, realized I didn't have the -advmethods flag running on the computers. It's now set, so I should be racking up those points. *edit* The PC is up and running . Three PCs of my own (A64 3200+, AXP 2800+, P3 1 GHz) and my brother's (P3 1 GHz).
  9. Hehe, you and I are just going back and forth for 2nd and 3rd. I'm adding a new PC soon, as soon as the motherboard gets delivered, which should be early this week. Nothing fancy, just an Athlon XP 2800+. My score would be a bit higher, but my P3 system was out of commission for a couple days .
  10. I'd probably classify that as shred guitar, maybe not completely. The elemends that would make it "shred" would be the sweep picking, the other fast-paced picking, and to a lesser extent, the tapping parts of the solo. It's some pretty good playing, I'd definitely say that.
  11. My brother got a "new" (read: Pentium 3 1 GHz with 768MB ram) PC today that I secretly setup with the console version . I set up him for normal WUs, low priority, 50% cpu usage, and 420MB of RAM usage. Should be good enough for some WUs .
  12. I can definitely say I'm more excited over this project over any other so far.
  13. I think I had the 400th WU, woot. Got my main PC stable enough right now to run F@H, so I'm cranking out WUs again .
  14. Damn.. my main machine is on the fritz now. It was cranking out WUs pretty fast .
  15. Ahh that reminds me! I have a P3 1 GHz system sitting here that I could use for this. I'll get it going right away . *edit* Nice.. it's first WU is 1000 frames.
  16. An insane cramming session which, due to my working two of those three days, made me unable to contribute my rhythm tracks to the remix . The only work of mine in this remix is the feedback between the clean intro and distorted part . Glad to see this mix got posted though, it's a badass mix. Hah, indeed! We had a huge 3 way collaboration planned. Too bad you were so busy man, next time! Next time start to make plans a bit ahead of schedule
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