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  1. Ah, shit. My bad. Front page updated. No worries. Btw, I saw a few pages back that you need mixer bios. You just want a short, paragraph-length bio, right? . I can PM you one sometime soon.
  2. I finally decided to take a look at this thread. Mythril, you spelled my name wrong in the song list on the first post, how dare you ;o
  3. Wow.. I'm lovin the bass in this, can't recall if that's from the original, or Mazedude's own working, but whatever it is.. nice.. Really groovy mix from a classic game.
  4. Loved this since the WIP days, so relaxing.. it's almost perfect. Top notch remix by mv, keep up the good work.
  5. Am I the only one that doesn't like this mix? I dunno.. I just don't like the overall feeling/sound of it.. maybe I need to listen to it more...
  6. I'm lovin this, lots.. I told a friend on IRC to go get it, and: <-(@+SleazyC)-> mp³[sAiNT 420 - Zelda 64 SoS OC ReMix] - [http://www.ocremix.org] - [04:43/128kbps/4.33MB] [s|eazySkript] <-(@+SleazyC)-> wow <-(@+SleazyC)-> this fucking rocks <-(@+SleazyC)-> the opening <-(@+SleazyC)-> i love it * @+SleazyC goes to grab his guitar
  7. Wow.. just.. wow.. I can't really comment on anything about it besides.. "wow".. I'm so proud to be a fellow member of TeamVirgo
  8. Ailsean remixed Ken.. it was on vgmix, if anyone wants me, catch me on AIM or PM me.
  9. Wow, this is very Stairway to Heaven-esque, but in a good way. Singing was also done pretty good, though I have a few gripes with the way it was sung.. 9/10 IMO.
  10. Wow, I just love the sound of this, and I wish I had the technical know-how to break it down. Only thing I can say is, what should I expect from a fellow Hendrix fan? Also: First off, Winamp 3 sucks. Second off (wtf), Winamp 2.8, or 2.9 if you have the beta, plays OGGs just fine.
  11. Ahh I love this piece ever since you sent it to me Starblaze, you know what I think of it .
  12. Ahh yes, someone mentioned a URL to this a week or so ago in #ocremix, and I picked it up. Love it. Definitely reminds me of AE. Wish I had the know how to give this a technical review, I'll leave that up to you remixers btw: for anyone who wants to, try and get J:/Drive's version of the 600 A.D. theme, it's also really good.
  13. Yes, as did I. When I saw it in the "To Be Posted" list I thought to myself "So he finally got it accepted.. took long enough". This should've been on the site a lot sooner, IMO. Fucking Awesome™ </DarkeSword ripoff> Also.. IIRC, in the write-up, it said the only live instrument was the guitar.
  14. I'm not reading through all these pages (I never took the time to check out this thread), so this might've been mentioned already. But the Chrisophinx in Chrono Cross, THAT FUCKING BITCH! It's a secret boss, guides say he has 13,000 HP, but that's total bullshit I was fighting him for like 5 hours, fell asleep WHILE FIGHTING HIM, then tried for about 1-2 hours after I woke up.. he wouldn't go down.. Still haven't beaten him
  15. Dan does it again! This remix is nice. Definitely staying in my playlist for a while. This remix is so good my mom even commented on it (she overheard it playing). *edit* Btw Dan, Mel was kinda pissed that she didn't get mentioned in DJP's little review .. Accordin to her you were supposed to tell DJP to say that it was dedicated to her
  16. I just got one comment right now as I'm currently on a 28.8 and the remix isn't done downloading yet. .hack//SIGN and Witch Hunter Robin own you Will review when I get home.
  17. Mm, Mm, Good! Love piano solos, love Mitsuda's work on CC, and I LOVE this remix! Excellent job.
  18. Actually, the FF9 "loss of me" part is considered a completely different song, called "I must protect"... anyways, it's a great mix... the transitions were seamless, and like all Ailsean mixes, the guitars were amazing... However, there is an updated version of this mix floating around! It used to be on VGMix, but now that VGMix is down, I have no idea where you can find it... It's called "The Knights Come Marching Home... Again" As I posted on some other post (forget where it is), anyone who needs/wants the 'Again' version, contact me on IRC on DALnet, Aniverse, or ETG, my nick is Majin_GeoDooD. You can also catch me on AIM with the screenname MaJiN GeoDooD. btw: I'm a total Ailsean freak . Got 46 Ailsean mp3s in my playlist, 2 hours and 29 mins. Ailsean will get an altar next to my Hendrix altar if he ever does a guitar remix of the FF2j Overworld theme
  19. Love the remix, DJP .. Since i dunno the technical words to use i'll keep it at that.. Not the best "You're Not Alone!" remix in my opinion, and no offense, cuz it's good. I prefer Dale North's and Ailsean's version from ATtNU (although i may be a bit biased due to the fact that Ailsean is my favorite remixer)
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