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  1. Hm.. so, last night I found out one of the killed graduated from my original HS class of 2004. Unfortunately I don't recogize the name, nor do I have a yearbook handy to see who it was :/
  2. It's probably somebody with the same name (unless your real name is uncommon) that made a last.fm page for themselves. I could see Flik as a semi-common online name.
  3. Nothing too special.. '82 Berlinetta, '87 Z28, and '91 RS. I'm probably gonna pick up a third generation one myself in the next couple years. The Berlinetta has a 350 from an El Camino in it, very good condition for its age.. the Z28 is in the worst condition.. paint/body is bad in quite a few spots.. needs a tune up real bad. The RS is in the best condition.. almost flawless. Oh yea and we have an '85 Firebird Trans Am, too.. heh.. we like muscle cars
  4. Camaro > Mustang *Looks outside at the 3 Camaros parked in front of his house* Shit
  5. Sounds like you may need to reset the BIOS. You would need to find a manual for your motherboard, or find something online with the info. It's pretty simple, they are just reset by a jumper on the motherboard. The location of the jumper varies by motherboard, which is why you need the manual with the location. Some newer motherboards, however, have a BIOS reset button, which is easily spotted by looking at the motherboard.
  6. Yea.. but it's so fun doing that with tube amps. A good tube amp will respond to your picking dynamics extremely well.. turn the volume knob down and play softly for a cleaner tone, but dig in deep and you still get the good creamy dirt!
  7. Personally I'd pick a Tele over a Strat any day for an "all around" guitar. If strings are stretched properly before being put on the guitar there should be no tuning problems, provided the guitar itself is setup properly. A setup is definitely required with using a new gauge with a Floyd Rose equipped guitar.
  8. I'm a fan of GHS strings for my guitars and bass, been using them for over 3 years now.
  9. Well he's actually the one who spotted me from behind.. and we live very close to each other so it's not quite a random CompUSA.
  10. One time I ran into DiscoDan at CompUSA while wearing my OCR hoodie, does that count? A guy who used to DJ at the ice rink I work at recognized my OCR hoodie.
  11. Starla herself confirmed a few days ago, in #ocremix, that her and Haz broke up.
  12. They never recorded solos.. Kirk was interviewed as saying they tried to go back and overdub solos into the songs, but they just didn't work with the way the songs were written. As for the topic.. Metallica was one of the first bands I really got in to, so I would have to go with them. Megadeth definitely still rocks though.
  13. I'm a good 6-7 missions in on GDI and am definitely liking it so far. I'm playing on normal difficulty, nothing has really been a challenge yet.. nothing that gets through good planning.
  14. ESP also makes some excellent guitars for their price, especially the EC-400. http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/ESP-LTD-EC400-Electric-Guitar?sku=516662 or http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/ESP-LTD-EC400-Archtop-Electric-Guitar?sku=516661 Two months ago they were $600+, but a price drop has put them into a very affordable price range! I would suggest the models with the Duncans over the EMGs, since you're trying to play multiple styles. Many players don't find EMGs as versatile as other passive pickups.
  15. I'm um.. acquiring it right now . How are the campaigns themselves, other than the cutscenes?
  16. If your PC is telling you you have 792 MHz then it's probably an 800 MHz processor. 1) You can overclock, but that largely depends on processor, laptop manufacturer, etc 2) Anywhere 3) You don't
  17. It's surprising to me that not everyone has heard of this project.. I was hoping it to be released one day. Regardless of whether this is some sort of "hoax" or not, I'll still show respect: RIP Richard.
  18. Did you consider that it could be a problem with the PS2? Most CDs will still work with minor scratches. The PS2 doesn't read it at all? That seems kind of strange.. see if your PC can read the CD, and if you have one, see if it runs on a PSX emu.
  19. Google tells me that it may be "Countdown" by T.I.
  20. Those folders contain all of the files that had been replaced during Windows updates. If you go to Add/Remove programs you will notice, at the bottom of the list, every Windows update you've ever done. You can "remove" the updates. By deleting those folders you lose the ability to remove the updates. If that doesn't bother you then there's no problem deleting them. As already mentioned, backup anything worthwhile and reformat/use your recovery CD.
  21. After checking the thread on which you listed the specs of your new PC.. it seems the reason why you only have two PCI slots is that you got an SLI motherboard. There's naturally less space on a motherboard if there's two PCI-E slots. Do you plan on ever using SLI? You may have to buy another motherboard to gain yourself some PCI slots, if you can even find one.
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