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  1. Merry Christmas Everyone!
  2. My word, this song is amazing! Jared you really have a fantastic grasp of how to arrange for an orchestra well, and the quality of your samples is as good as you can get without cramming a whole orchestra into your desktop (there isn't something you're not telling us is there?) One of my favourite bits has to be right near the start where the theme comes in, it's just so like the way one of John Williams' wild west arrangements starts. Fantasticular
  3. Welcome! Have fun around here as a new memeber of the community
  4. This newbie thread needs more newbies, the newbie introduction thread on DA has tons of newbs, guess they must be less shy over there
  5. Ah, the true OCR 1150, and a good one it is at that, very peaceful and pleasing to the ears. A quality piece
  6. Wow, this is great. Just the whole thing makes me feel happy when i hear it. NICE WORK!!!!!!
  7. Well, i am seeding while i can, and am giving a out 10kb/sec u/l speed on each torrent right now without to much hassle on my connection. It appears once again AOL is showing its connection stability, i still wasn't having problems when the u/l speeds at 20+kb/sec
  8. Well, I'm on the job now too, i'm downloading the first 500 right now, at 50 kb/sec, but all my current files aren't gettin recognised. I recently did a full system wipe and saved the music on my iPod and i think that it must've altered the song titles, to keep a certain length limit. But still, i am going to seed for as long as possible, but my family may force me to turn off the PC every now and then.
  9. That last spaceship in Space Invaders (the really fast moving one) was a hard end of level boss (i guess you could call it that). Also, Master Hand on SSB on maximum difficulty was a challenge. Trying to destroy the Lucifer in the subspace tunnel with no shields and swarms of enemies in a slow bomber, against the clock on Insane mode in Freespace 1 was also difficult.
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