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  1. http://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?p=657631 Team Shuffling plugin allows both for voting on it and an admin command to do so.
  2. What do you mean "more susceptible" when they're eating sandviches? They're not moving. If you can't kill them quickly enough, that's your own problem.
  3. Yeah, I love playing spy on the arena maps. I never really was on your side.
  4. Man, jumping around as a scout trying to bat people at 999 ping with Yakity Sax playing in the background is priceless.
  5. I'm sure you guys have enjoyed my 999ms ping playing skills. I play as Depo 007, and will actually have a good connection come August 23rd.
  6. Happy birthday. You're engaged and doing something with your life that you enjoy. Can't get better than that!
  7. My parents' computer is running Windows XP on a 2001 eMachines computer with low specs (less than a GHz processor, the RAM's no more than 512 MB (I think it's actually 256), etc.) Anyone have any recommendations for a good, free anti-virus program that isn't nagware? For the past few years they've had AVG Free, but version 8.0 sucks, and now the current version keeps nagging them to update (claiming that it's "mandatory"), so it's time to switch.
  8. I've recently begun playing the piano on a daily basis. Part of my daily routine consists of both a 10 minute sight reading exercise and a 10 minute interval ear training exercise. These two exercises, however, are quickly becoming dull, as I can usually blow through the ten minutes barely getting any incorrect responses. Are there any sight/ear training exercises anyone knows about that they recommend?
  9. The host experienced a massive power failure and is presently trying to resolve the matter.
  10. Thanks to Hemophiliac for his help in #ocrwip! This is something I've been experimenting with over the last couple of days. Any and all critique welcome. EDIT: Finished! Link: Lament for the Fallen Fathers
  11. I think they have gradually gotten more complicated, but it was mostly out of necessity. You can't navigate a 3D environment with an NES controller very well (think of playing Mario 64). As for simplification, I feel the Wii's controller was indeed a simplified version: A, B, control pad, 1 & 2 (nunchuk adds c, z, and an analog stick).
  12. To be honest, I never intended on converting this to anything else. Now that you made the proposition, however, I just might do it. I want to start other composing first, though (not to mention a MIDI sequence I have going from the video game realm to submit to VGMusic eventually).
  13. Nah, I made it all by myself. I want to use FL Studio with other stuff besides MIDI. Right now, however, MIDI is sufficient. Thanks for the compliment.
  14. Ack, forgot the /music/ directory. Fixed now (thanks).
  15. One of the first compositions I've ever completed from start to finish, complete with a totally lame title: Boss Fight All critique welcome.
  16. While I couldn't afford to annually replace my drives, getting a plump external hard drive does not sound like a bad idea. Any recommendations (I like shopping for this kind of stuff at Newegg). EDIT: After a quick search I found a few possibilities. Suggestions? (1 2 3) As for GPartEd, I don't have a single clue what you're talking about when it comes to Live CDs or whatever. Is there a good freeware alternative for Windows by any chance? If not, then I'll struggle to go the Ubuntu route.
  17. Well, my roommate has an external, but it's on the fritz at the moment. I'll check around. That's great that they actually put something like this in Windows finally. How exactly would I go about using this program on a Windows machine?
  18. I was hoping to not have to spend money on this venture. I do agree on the backing up point, however. How would you recommend backing up 63 GB of data?
  19. I currently have two hard drives. As of right now, they are both fully partitioned and in use. I am currently running Windows XP Media Center Edition. I just downloaded Windows Vista (Business Edition) via the MSDN AA and wish to install it. However, I want to keep all of my WinXP settings and all of my other files. I currently have over 200 GB of free space on a hard drive, and want to partition a portion of that drive to install Windows Vista on. This drive has 63 GB of files on that won't fit on the other drive and I don't have DVD/CD-Rs to make backups to. How do I partition the drive while maintaining the files that already exist on it? Assuming that I actually do get through that step, how much space would you recommend for Vista?
  20. For any of you who visit VGMusic on a semi-regular basis, you know that our new-files section, where newly-submitted MIDI submissions go, is a misnomer: We had MIDIs in there from 2005. Well, thanks to the hard work of Blitz Lunar, at this time of writing the new-files section of VGMusic is officially empty! Check out how many were actually added within this year alone. Also see the relevant news post.
  21. It's probably due to the fact that game consoles, computers, etc. evolve at a very fast rate, and when we see the technology we have now compared to what we grew up with, it is a bit of a shock. I know I'm not old in the traditional sense. I don't think anyone here's trying to claim that or anything. It just makes us feel older when stuff like this happens.
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