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  1. In addition to the new map I've heard that another new game mode was to be created as well.
  2. Must have had a good run on my first day back. Incidentally, is there an easier way to browse through my mountain of TF2 screen shots (*.tga files) without having to open each one individually in GIMP?
  3. I'm BACK. Back at college, meaning back on TF2. Better watch your backs. Or don't. I like killing streaks.
  4. Well, I'll be back for more TF2 action in less than two weeks. I'll primarily be playing during the evenings, so I hope to see a full server.
  5. Nobody was on last night, unfortunately. That was my cameo appearance for winter break too. What a shame. ...Unless people want hot 1400ms ping action.
  6. Truly, there will never be a more epic heavy. Or scout. With Yakity Sax.
  7. I've long-since disabled F10's primary functionality. That said, I haven't played anything in a while.
  8. Note that if you belong to MSDN Academic Alliance you can download OneNote 2003 for free. I wish our university still had the entire Office suite available for $10. Now it's ridiculously expensive still, so I've been using OpenOffice for notes and other word processing needs.
  9. If a spy can't move, he's screwed. Killing a spy is easy enough, but would be shooting fish in a barrel if he couldn't move.
  10. Additionally, you should not be able to vote for a map that the server just switched from.
  11. http://steamcommunity.com/id/depo/stats/tf2 I'm the same, really. I just can't get into playing soldier/demoman. I have, however, been playing Scout a bit more often. Playing on my roommate's sexy machine helps this, as it runs on butter.
  12. Whenever Brushfire is in we just switch it to arena. No need to put it in the rotation when he's not there (esp. since he's on a month vacation from TF2 IIRC). However, increasing the round time limit to 30 minutes would be better, as it isn't in the rotation.
  13. I'd like to see Hydro go too. Not only because of the reasons already mentioned, but also because of the fact that the server tends to empty out when certain maps like this come into the rotation.
  14. I'm guessing that identify it gives you the user's particular id, steam_id, and so forth. Or it could block your next opponent's attack.
  15. http://i13.photobucket.com/albums/a292/Secret_Agent_Man/Game%20Room/TheSystems.jpg Replace that Xbox with a Wii. That's all that's changed. They're all hooked up to one TV, mostly through a string of RF switches.
  16. I'd like crits to stay in the game, really. What I believe is already what has been said. As for what DarkeSword brought up about respawning, I sympathize. It's irritating to sit out for ~20 seconds at a time (which is why it boggles the mind as to why people are willing to sit out whole rounds for arena... Unless brushfire commentary is present). It does balance the offense/defense though: Defense naturally takes longer to respawn because they're closer to the final point/whatever to be defended. If you make the respawn time too short for either side you then disrupt the game's balance by flooding the playing field with fresh entities too often. That said, a slight lowering of offense/defense respawns couldn't hurt. Do it with caution.
  17. Hopefully the removal of crits doesn't remove the spy's backstabby awesome. Otherwise... Also, part of the game, etc.
  18. Also note from the article that they also no longer require the CD to be used while playing, which, while it isn't solving the problem, is a slight improvement.
  19. I, too, had to ask about the PEARLS riddle. I could never get through that 3D maze... Incidentally, I had a friend who I asked about it, and he told me. Ah, the days before the Internet took over my life. Oh, and I enjoyed vastly overspending at the luxury suite too.
  20. A stats reset was discussed about a month ago in IRC. It was then agreed upon then that the stats would be reset after the flood of sandvich (i.e. after the Heavy Update).
  21. Private messages (or queries in the case of IRC) are a wonderful thing.
  22. "If John Madden steps outside on February 2, looks down, and doesn't see his feet, we'll have 6 more weeks of Pro football." -- Chuck Newcombe
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