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  1. I love you Jade.... This song has special meaning to us both. God has written a love story with us that isn't even to the good part yet
  2. She deserves her own thread Happy birthday bebay. My precious wife was born on this day and I am glad she was. She is probably the most insanely perfect woman for bLiNd <3<3
  3. i am finally all wrapped up. tracks sent off to emunator, writeups, agreement form etc. Sorry I couldn't master. My gig I am working on is taking all my time and sometimes just mastering ONE track by myself can take several hours if it needs fixing (vile for example) Anyway this project is going to ROCK \m/
  4. awesome! glad you dig that one! had mixed reviews about it. :)

  5. I just now saw your message to me. Sure thing! i just say give credit where credit is due, and I always like to see what fans do with my remixes so send it my way!

  6. Its not hard to get them all even, but it detracts from the genres involved quite a bit. Why lower the volume of a slammin rock song cuz the bass is lower than a heavy low end electronica mix? Dance music definitely raises RMS levels a lot because of the bass. The main thing that is important is getting the same volume curves throughout average eq of each song. This is why its better to put genres together and master those perceived cds separately.
  7. thanks all for understanding. why stop the everyone's flow when they all have a good one? <3
  8. After reviewing the tracks, it is not going to be time effective to master this whole thing. A lot of different mixing styles in the selection make for extra work. Also every other project before this one has been mastered by the artists for each individual track. I believe it is better to stay consistent with OCR as a whole than to try something new and waste time when it isn't realistic. Not to mention 78 tracks would take me way too much time. Some tracks are already mastered and there are several indiscrepancies in the tracks that will defeat the purpose of mastering everything as a whole. I currently am working on something I am contracted for and that is priority so in order for me to prioritize and be fair to everyone so this project can be out on time, I have to withdraw from mastering and ask everyone to polish their own mixdowns. Sorry if this causes some issues with everyone but it's just too big of a task at the moment and won't be worth it in the end. Know this though, when I am done with what I am doing you will see why I had to choose. Be good <3
  9. Guess what today is?! It is your next check point on the race track. We will be ready for your new WIPs, final tracks, and any updates you need to turn in and we will be providing feedback asap. Keep up the good work! We can make this happen by our goal dates if we stay focused. I have picked up a few more tracks myself because of tracks that have dropped so I will help carry the load with you all. Also if we haven't heard from you lately, or if you haven't turned in a track, expect us to contact you! <3<3
  10. I did it in hard in under 3 hours. Its funny too i remember calling nintendo power hotline and asking them how to get the last suite and they said they didnt know and refunded me the money. Anyway id have to dig it out to find it. I was practiced at the time because I beat it on normal first, then normal in under 3 hours with all 120 then hard with all 120 in about 4 hours, then hard with all 120 in about 2:50ish. It was the worst, probably harder than getting all the platinum medals on blast corps
  11. Sounds verrry slick bro. Nice atmosphere and groove <3
  12. You should lay off of that, its life energy you are shooting away.
  13. After holidays settled down and magfest kicked in and post mag depression kicked in, 2 weeks is pretty much a normal delay in january/febraury. And she does have more important things to focus on than a hobby like OCR at the moment. Everything will be done in its time and we are doing what we can to knock out current updates and feedback. You need to worry when the next submission date comes and no one responds, not in the in between weeks/months. Hang tite!
  14. Thanks man! I am really proud of these 2 wips too, I am really excited to finish these more than any other project recently <3
  15. Which is why sometimes these rules make OCR shoot its own foot. I talked to Kyle about it, I will probably make an OCR edit persay for the sake of the promotion of the album and have this version on the album itself. Kyle mentioned that this remix is almost the main theme of the project and will be in the project trailer prominently so its really disheartening that a politic of sorts prevents this from just being put up. But I will conform to something that might work since I really want this on the front page.
  16. Well I can say this. Front page posting gets more listens than project tracks, plain and simple. I have gotten more pms from people that discovered me from the ocremix youtube channel than anything. (I think project tracks get posted there as well, but not as upfront as a page post) Regardless, I understand this issue plainly. What really blows is my track and USSR are the ONLY ones that might have an issue (as far as we know at least) So I have talked to the panel and they will be open to re-judging the track if I change the sakura melody. I can make it sound LIKE the original but still be new and different enough to be original so it can be posted. Fingers crossed I am not wasting my time...
  17. aah yea wasnt sure about that. oh well. Trying to get ahold of people so I can make an alternate for postage
  18. It's pretty upsetting to say the least because the original song has just that main melody while the super dodgeball version has soooo much more to it, lots of original parts that are only in the game, which you mentioned in the thread. But regardless, depriving ocr of the remix because of some politics like that is just nonsense... not to mention, aren't MOST of super dodgeballs songs arrangements of folksongs from around the world?
  19. yea, i do more than trance for sure but i enjoy making the dance music the best. I have worked with recording bands, composed orchestra music, rock, ambient, pop/jazz stuff. Mixed AND Mastered in all genres and I also actually use UAD plugins to mix/master as well. I will make sure to do my best with each track and if there are issues with any just let me know. Hopefully I can personally talk to everyone about the masters I complete for them.
  20. naa this will gain momentum outside of ocr. we just have a plugged nose right now because there is a stinky stench of too many projects around here. but metroid is an awesome acception imo
  21. My first 5 remixes on OCR were entirely done in reason LOL
  22. Hey hey! Happy new decade, I am about to finish up the sigma track this weekend and put the vinishing touches on vile soon too. Shortly after I will be mastering everyone's tracks. But first I will be previewing them to see if they are any issues. If there are, I will either get in touch with bahamut to get in touch with anyone that might need to send me a fix if needed. I know there were a lot of people uneasy about someone else mastering their music as I would be too. The main reason I have been chosen is because of the gear I use to master. Just an FYI I use the sonic-core platform which has been around nearly as long as protools HD. it was actually a competitor for it using dsp chips (sharc processors) in the early to mid 90s! These plugins rival most hardware and still, to my ears, nothing matches them in the native world. Even most powercore and uad plugins don't quite hit the same quality mark (universal audio is JUST NOW using sharc processors for the uad-2 platform) So I am saying this because when it comes to mastering, it really is the quality of the gear/hardware/plugins you are using even more than the knowledge. Just feel safe in knowing that your tracks will be running through some of the most transparent eqs/compressors/limiters known to man <3
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