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  1. Stevo u da man. Tho I make electronic stuff I am always envious of those who can rip up a guitar, rip up their vocal chords, and rip up other genres. So in essence, I envy you Mr. Talent Jewmanboy. <3<3
  2. Let me know whats crackin' for our collab. <3 Hope you get it up n runnin son
  3. Hmm, I suppose if you have been a good little boy or good little girl you could have them all.
  4. Merry Christmas! Eat a cupcake!
  5. Cool! Sounds like you got some decent sound choices out of nexus for the track. I say it needs an original chord progression/bassline with a good rhythm/beat to make it "remix" material. Once you get some original parts in there it will be more exciting to work on as well as more satisfaction out of making the track 'your own' so to speak. Keep it up
  6. I will be one of your 2 tracks if not one of the more that you receive by the 20th

  7. Actually there is a different version for the project release

  8. I actually have 2 tracks that are finished, that aren't done. 1 for this project and 1 for bahamuts mmx project. Seems that star wars is a finished movie series that is never done too
  9. I sent you and stevo the wip. I will finish this soon, since I am inspired for it, definitely before the final date. <3
  10. Thanks for showing me!

  11. Its from gurren lagann, that anime is hype. No matter, my wip is submitted and its pretty developed.
  12. Yea go for it, link me when you do!

  13. Just who the hell do you think I am!? Don't believe in me, believe in yourself who believes in me! I'll send you a WIP in like hmm, a few days. Ima start right now...YOSH!
  14. Well I am just REclaiming what I already had
  15. I would like to reclaim castle in the flames, since it is still open to the public.
  16. Considering that God pulls me out of all the unhealthy pits I'm in whether its physical, emotional, spiritual, or financial, yes I've been well. I appreciate all the support from OCR as well. You guys are truly treasured by me...
  17. Thanks again for all the feedback. I will be back when more music is ready <3
  18. thanks everyone for the comments, more to hear in the coming months...
  19. I just wanted to say hello to the OCR community as I have been pretty much in the shadows since July. I do want to say that I haven't forgotten about the projects on OCR and though they are on the backburner for me, they are still important. I am working on new original music and when it is done I will relaunch my website and misc networking sites. For now I do have my youtube channel up and I just uploaded an original track. Not dance/trance/house though. No fancy production, just strings and melody. I usually keep my orchestral work to myself, or I can't share it because of NDA agreements, but I wrote this so I could share it with all my ocr peeps. Enjoy
  20. I have a new url but I dont have my site up right now. I am relaunching once I am done with my album.


  21. been sittin on these wips for a while...
  22. Happy Birthday, eat a cupcake.
  23. I'm not usually the type to finish at the last minute but I redid this song 3 times before I got a draft I liked. Anyway tmnt on the hero side is done.. Go ninja, Go
  24. Go ahead and pm it to me melody ill take a listen
  25. ok ok, i do have a new twitter, and a new url for my website and a new facebook music page. I am no longer having a personal page for personal reasons. I will relaunch everything when my album is done most likely. Jade and I are working things out so we are staying away from the online communities but she is aware of her project at the moment. You can send your WIPs to Stevo and ABG for feedback as he suggested as I am in over my head with life right now. Don't worry though we haven't dropped off the face of the planet. She told me yesterday she has a lot to catch up on, including this project so keep trucking away people EDIT: I reactivated my PMs if you need to contact me for any reason
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