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  1. ^its another one of those mainly house then dubstep as the 'chorus' part. Not that noisy annoying dubstep we ALL hate hehe
  2. Yo all, An original track/release by me reminiscent of pacman. All sfx aren't from the game but the access virus. It's an electro house dubstep style track with pacman letting you know how he feels. Tons of fun to make this one, pay what you want! EDIT: If you feel like supporting on iTunes go here http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/ghosts-n-pills-ep/id551249806
  3. You are speaking of the version I replaced? It's in the folder of the pc version as wavs, so you would have to buy the game on gamers gate to hear it. Trust me, nothing special, although there is some good tracks.
  4. Hey all, Been a while. Last year I composed a 38 track OST for the JRPG "Lost Memory of Angel Story Frane 3" which was retitled for the english release "The Lost Angelic Chronicles of Frane: Dragons' Odyssey". I was also commissioned to cast and direct the voice acting, on a very limited budget, which turned out surprisingly good (although there are some rough spots) I got as many live instruments as I could which was acoustic guitars by my dad, live trumpet by my uncle, live viola by my cousin-in-law, and ashleigh singing on the theme song. Also had my cousin arrange the title screen song (piano solo). I recently launched my website for Jordan Steven and a new bandcamp for the soundtrack. http://www.jordansteven.com http://jordansteven.bandcamp.com The soundtrack can also be found on itunes here. http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/lost-angelic-chronicles-frane/id516110016 (also on amazon, rhapsody, emusic etc) The game was originally released on the PC in Japan in 2003 and I actually replaced the OST for this version. It was released on gamers gate back in october here http://www.gamersgate.com/DD-LACFDO/the-lost-angelic-chronicles-of-frane-dragons-odyssey and hopefully soon will be released on steam (which is up to the company) The iOS version was released recently and can be found here http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/rpg-dragons-odyssey-frane./id521979344?mt=8 and will eventually be on the android OS as well (also up to the company) The music took me 7 months to compose and the voice acting took 3 months to knock out and I was actually hospitalized 4 times last year during all of it so it was extremely stressful (from pnuemonia and colitis flair ups) As well as hard drive failures and all kinds of crap. It was indeed a crazy year for me. bLiNd has officially broken out of the electronica only scene and since the change is so drastic I have a new name for composition under the name "Jordan Steven". Steven is my middle name and is easier to pronounce than Aguirre and is a memento to my grandpa who believe in me to be a musician. Thanks for your support over all these years OCR and your continued support for years to come!
  5. Very inspired and inspiring. Album has my support. Makes me want to do chiptunes
  6. Totally incredible. This is probably THE arrangement for this song. Good job guys...
  7. Happy New Year OCR! Hope all here reach their goals and dreams, or at least get one step closer to them this year!
  8. Happy New Year! bLiNd is selling his music for the first time ever I have had these tracks sitting on my hard drive for over a year and Stevo helped write one! Website is up as bandcamp now so you can roll on over and pay a buck for each track. AND if you feel so inclined, you can donate more to me to help me get some new gear and help trim stevos beard since he gets a cut of sales LOL! First track is one I did with Stevo Bortz called "Alone" and was actually signed to Proxoz Recordings. It fell through however as the label went under, or at least that's what they told me at the time. No matter, I'd rather own the rights anyway. Check it out here http://blindtrance.bandcamp.com/track/alone-feat-stevo-bortz Second one is a track I submitted to labels, sort of similar to Alone but darker and more classic in it's trance sound. I figured I would just be independent at this point and end my era of trance by putting these 2 songs out. I might put out a couple more that I started and never finished on this bandcamp as well before I start on my album this year (which will be all new music by me, not just trance) http://blindtrance.bandcamp.com/track/blind-dusk-of-mojave So the website is currently bandcamp at this address http://www.blindtrance.com and follow me on my social sites if u want (and haven't already) http://www.twitter.com/blindtrance http://www.youtube.com/blindtrance http://www.facebook.com/blindtrance http://www.soundcloud.com/blindtrance Thanks in advance for your support!
  9. I want to give a big thanks to everyone who worked on this project. I finally did listen to everything all the way through and I can say I am very proud of all of the music that was done. Most of all I am proud of my wife who inspired the work to be done. One of the greatest things about this project was the fact that most people who worked on it didn't really know the game or music but once Jade told them how much she appreciated their work as an artist and remixer, their ears were open to a great soundtrack. She basically told them in her own words "I believe in you" and that was it. The remixes started regardless of fandom or nostalgia and everyone did their best. This project is great because of all the hard work, of course, and all the team players that were involved but I really believe its success should be credited to a woman who took the time to get to know each artist individually, whether that be their own discography, remixes, or their personality, and pushed them to further heights thru music. Well done everyone. Well done Jade, my beautiful wife...
  10. I want to expand a little on my writeup here and explain what I meant by the end of an era for bLiNd... Trance is going to be less and less from me and I am going to explore who I really am as an electronic artist from now on. I have my own sound I believe, that isn't genre specific... This track is actually progressive house, not really trance, which is just a combination of trance elements and house rhythm/bass which is exactly what got me to start and finish it in 3 days. When I do something that isn't normal, or is somewhat fresh to my ears, I can't stop working on it! I have had day dreams about what "my sound" sounds like and it borrows from wherever it wants but can't truly be labeled as a specific genre. The new era of bLiNd is one of no limits and I will no longer be known as a remixer or artist who does "trance" music only. This track, may be minimal, but that I believe that is the beauty behind it. I said it best represents the sound I have developed at OCR because it represents the emotional feel of the music I try to portray to everyone. This track, though just a remix and borrowed from an original composition, is something I really tried to make my own and it shows in the breakdown the most. 2:45-3:45 is the ORIGINAL chord progression from the source and is very dark actually. 4:15 and on is my own chord progression with a spin on the old melody and the feel behind this part I developed is what is my own and represents who bLiNd is. Music is meant to be felt and sometimes it is best to just let music speak for itself. If there is no emotion behind it, I tend to shy away... Thanks for all the feedback <3
  11. Sorry you didn't win Jill. Just the fact they heard your track is awesome alone! Keep doing what you love and more big opportunities will naturally come your way! You are awesome!
  12. Yea sorry. I wanted to reply to this. Most feedback from Jade was directed by me so send you tracks to stevo and emunator for feedback if needed. I am too swamped with finalizing the voice casting/directing/composing/mixing/mastering/sfx balblabla This game has been a lot of work so I can't be there for this project at the moment...
  13. I did the hackmii mode for xenoblade. it is worth it, so do it. Tho, I prefer the japanese voices to the english accent ones. The japs just sound cooler but yea def buy the import.
  14. Of the little I have played of Seiken 3, this is one of the songs that I always can remember off the top of my head and this arrangement captures the essence of the track beautifully. I definitely hear your interpretation and it is masterful. Hiroki Kikuta is probably at the top of my list for favorite composers, and Hitoshi following. Definite congrats on the big opportunity, must have been a blessing to work with Hitoshi personally
  15. My tracks are nearly done, but I don't want to rush anything right now and because of the music I am working on for my job, I would have to do so. I can promise these songs will be done by the final due date though and will be worth the wait
  16. Damn jewb. Diggin the sound design, the low end especially, chord progression and little synth bits throughout the track really add a lot. Reminds me a little of early above and beyond with some good jewbeii flair <3 Keep it up my son...
  17. bLiNd

    Sony Vita

    I am going to agree with this sentimenet here. It seems that the system wars are taking over game design and are becoming more gimmicks than reasons to inspire developers. All the games that come out these days by the big names tend to be franchise sequels. And any new games worth playing don't have the same magic as old videogames in my opinion. I like that indie developers have the ability to make and release games on their own now on phones. We need some more game design innovation that doesn't rely on old models of gameplay. The new styles and ways to play games are great but I think the industry is really loosing the heart and reason for playing. Innovation sparks imagination, and imagination brings the excitement and fun to playing games, not necessarily new ways of playing. The reason we started playing games was because of that same innovation years ago... But then again, thats just my opinion lol
  18. I love you bebay you are such a sweetheart...

  19. From all the feedback it seems there is a pretty fair amount of people that don't like dubstep at all. Honestly I don't either too much, that's why I toned down the dubstep feel in the track. I REALLY do not like skrillex at all. His music is too grating. But, I do like some bass sounds of dubstep because they are close to the electro house basses in the remixes I have been producing this past 2 years. Anyway, I tried to give this song a beautiful charm and keep the dubstep as an element instead of a genre because I tend to agree with a lot of you about the style plus it keeps drum n bass interesting if you use it as the climax of the track...
  20. I really like the bass drop at 1:12 <3... bLiNd harts bass drops Congrats Man! This song has an airy etherealness to it that I love to do myself. You are starting off well neblix, keep at it!
  21. Thanks for all the feedback everyone, all appreciated. I really enjoyed making this, it was hard but I believe it was worth it, especially for my beautiful wife...
  22. Thanks for the suggestion! I will have to peep the songs. Cheers!

  23. Sounds fine to me The thing I liked about birthdays as a kid is I got to eat the same cake and ice cream as the birthday person and play the same things they did and sometimes even played with their new toys! What I am trying to say is I get to go on the cruise too <3
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