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  1. anyone got a spare queen for saturday the 4th?
  2. descent 1 and 2 happen to be my favorite pc games... I loved the music in them so this is mega refreshing. Awesome first remix by you Brent! Keep it up!
  3. Ah true, I did mean to post there but it's still relevant cuz of the news of their new album lol
  4. Thanks! It wasn't very well received on youtube so thats encouraging :)

  5. EDM has truly become numb to me and this seems to be the freshest most exciting news that has come my way since I discovered deadmau5 like 5 years ago...
  6. this is very true in fact. so cancel that, twuz a successful one LOL
  7. lol it just means you are upset about something http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=salty
  8. well I am now a fanboy of you too <3 u da man
  9. So I have completed my first album of remixes after being recruited to GameChops by Dj Cutman. They are all themed around classic tunes from the NES, mostly tunes that most people would recognize. I debuted it at MAGFest 11 with great success. So since I haven't officially announced it at OCR I thought I would let you all know. All tracks are officially licensed through Joypad Records so this is a for sale album. Leave your feedback! <3 Check it out here 1.Mushroom Bounce (Super Mario Bros.) 04:20 2.Dirty Coins (Super Mario Bros.) 05:44 3.I Am Dracula (Castlevania) 04:39 4.El Ganon Diablo (The Legend of Zelda) 05:05 5.Killer Seaweed (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) 06:00 6.For a Friend's Soul (Final Fantasy) 06:04 7.Put Em Up (Punch-Out!!) 06:29 8.Skull King (MegaMan 2) 06:24 9.All Systems Go (Metroid) 05:45 10.Moonstyle (Ducktales) 03:35 11.Ghosts N' Pills (VIP Mix) 06:28
  10. THIS^ Don't forget to come to my set with ben briggs on friday night at midnight! (im on at 1 am)
  11. Thanks guys! If anyone checks it leave your thoughts and comments
  12. So after 4 years of holding on to this stuff I am finally releasing it. I actually started them back in 2007 for an RPG demo that was distributed throughout Japan for a project that fell through. Though it did get me my job for Dragon's Odyssey. This is a self titled album under my other alias Jordan Steven which is what I use for composing. It is heavily influenced Nobuo Uematsu and Yasunori Mitsuda, so if you love them you may just enjoy this release. Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and Happy Holidays! 1. Opening 01:43 2. Hero's Run 03:33 3. Lullaby 04:16 4. Fight or Fly 03:03 5. Plains 04:48 6. Forest 05:44 7. Ice Palace 03:39 8. City 04:12 9. Fight or Die 04:59 10. Nocturnal Town 05:49 11. Fight for Flight 04:08 12. Flight 04:18 13. Darkness 04:05 14. Lullaby (Reprise) 01:44
  13. Hi highly endorse this album as well, and not just cuz I have a remix on it. BEN BRIGGS FTW (cant wait for ur album)
  14. I will be releasing all my new stuff as albums soon and also be putting up old stuff as well. Keep an eye on my posts on Facebook/twitter
  15. Hello YO Been a while since I been around here. This year I have completed like 30 tracks, half remixes half originals. I will be releasing most of them at MAGfest 11 so I figured I needed a site up. Made it up in WIX real quick. Bookmark if you haven't http://www.blindtrance.com i love you
  16. harts <3 so glad ur doin ur thang again
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