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  1. This was always one of my favorite ReMixes and it still is. Funny to see this topic again.
  2. I remeber when he was still working on this in the other forum and now that it is on the site, cool. I always loved this reMix.
  3. This song is super cool and its soothing to listen to.
  4. Tempo is a little slow for my liking, but it still well done.
  5. This game really captures the tone of FF8. How a song like Breezy became a song I would like to listen in amazing. This is really well done.
  6. This is so beautiful. Nah, but to get serious, it was really good, the string play was really good and to top it off the CELLPHONE. Made me laugh and bob my head the same time. So I was rocking and laughing.
  7. I would love to to be playing Street Fighter with this music playing in the background. This song absolutely ROCKS. *Ahem*
  8. Ah, Zangief our favorite Wrestling Russian. I could only imagine if this was the music they played in the video game. This song is cool.
  9. I love Ryu's Theme music, and this remix only make me love it more.
  10. I must say this is very unique way of doing the battle theme. Also, I can't say I like it personally, but those looking for some quiet time and spirit time, this is your song.
  11. I really liked Shevat's Theme in Xenogears and intergrating it with CT did it wonders.
  12. This remix is so damn good, it makes me wanna play Chrono Cross.
  13. Never fails to impress me. You can bob your head to it. Two Thumbs Up.
  14. Wicked cool, the flute seems to add this soothing effect to the beat. Nicely done, he's making Street Fighter, sound better.....
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