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  1. Not to threadjack the review, but comments like these make me doubt all the "this site is illegal" comments I sometimes see here. Well, Romero didn't compose Keen's music. Although in this case, it's okay anyway because Bobby Prince doesn't mind, therefore implying consent (but it'd still be safer to get it in writing). However, just because one guy is okay with other people messing with his compositions doesn't mean everybody else will. Yeah, I was referring more to the fact that it was linked on the 3drealms website, not anything specifically related to Romero. And I agree that copyright stringency varies from person to person; I'm a huge Calvin & Hobbes fan--Watterson lives about 3 miles away from me--and I've seen a lot of C&H websites get shut down that barely break any rules.
  2. Woah...it's nice to see a major programmer like THE John Romero on this website...I've always liked your work, as I do Bobby Prince's. Some of my first games ever included your Defender clone for Apple II, "City Centurion," lol...long before the Commander Keen or Doom or other works. Not to threadjack the review, but comments like these make me doubt all the "this site is illegal" comments I sometimes see here. And again, I'm sure Romero already knows this, but Bobby Prince rocks!! I'm hoping for works from his other games to be remixed, as I've said a number of times.
  3. Bobby Prince music rocks, as does Commander Keen!!! Love most of this remix...really weaves together a bunch of tracks from the game well. I normally hate lyrics in remixes of wordless songs, but most of the stuff here was well place. Good work. Heh...I finally got a good DOS shell for XP so that I could actually hear the sound or even play these old-school games a few weeks ago...and can't get myself to stop playing Duke Nukem II and Major Stryker, which are even better Bobby Prince music works (hint, hint for those who want to remix.)
  4. Don't you love how that song has the filename it has? I think they changed it in the music archives on the 3dreams site, lol. I've had this song from VGmix for a while, and I like the freestyle. The original songs were very good for '95, too, especially since they were locked into the pretty restrictive .mod format, and they often locked themselves in on variety by recording long sequences of instrument notes instead of just one at a time.
  5. No way, that's the best part of the song! I don't like how the :44 before it is a tune that repeats more times than necessary.
  6. He did pull it after a few weeks, but I was fortunate to have downloaded it while he put it on here. I already said on the "other version" reviews that these were both A+ in my book. I loved this one slightly more actually, and it's still not getting old. The "Noctis Luminae" version of the song on his site is even better.
  7. I still listen to this song so much, and love all the piano, watery synth, etc. The "reverse emotion form" that Wingless used to have posted here is even better. A+ on both.
  8. Nice stuff. This wasn't originally really one of my favorite MegaMan songs, largely because I found Proto to not exactly be my favorite character, and the intro to the song got annoying after a while (which still makes it better than plenty of other games' songs) but the always-great Mustin does a nice job with it. I like the main piano parts at :40 and 2:05 the most. The tribute to another of the best of this site was awesome, too. Instruments A- Creativity A- Pacing B+ Original song quality B Remixing quality, soundness A - Replay value A- Overall 89 B+
  9. Again, I've had this one for some time, but wanted to see how much I could get out of it. It's still very addictive, especially the main parts of the song (~1:09 and 2:57) You can say what you want about it sounding disjointed, but it keeps growing on me and stays fresh. A song that had a ton of potential was done really well here. Instruments A- Creativity A- Pacing A- Original song quality A- Remixing quality, soundness B+ Replay value A- Overall 91% A-
  10. Great, great stuff!!! Although it doesn't quite have the same feel to it as the original Midi, which seemed to be slower and darker and had a segment which isn't here at all, the rest of the song more than makes up for it. Tons of creativity, awesome instrument choice, etc. I especially like how the song "shuts down" then "restarts" around 2:09 Instruments A Creativity A Pacing A Original song quality A Remixing quality, soundness A- Replay value A- Overall 94% A
  11. Well, I've had this song for some time, but usually like to consider the "re-listening" value for a while before I comment. I've found myself jumping to around 1:20 over and over and over again; the guitar segment is extraordinary, and not just recorded off the game or anything like other songs--I also like the FF6 sounds that occur right around it. 3:10ish is another nice spot, although the "explosion" and "oh crap" around 3:20 are so-so (I never really liked the game over music from FF6 anyway.) Like the game resetting, "game over man" segment, Kefka laughs, etc; didn't like the 1:45 trumpet stuff, screaming, weird overlays around the floating continent music, etc. as much. Enormous replay value, and both a great original Uematsu performance and Mustin remix (which is normal for both.) Instruments B+ Creativity A- Pacing A- Original song quality A Remixing quality, soundness A Replay value A Overall 92% A-
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