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  1. ttt because I liked the Lemmings games too. Dang, that remix IS nice. It seemed like nothing special...then "Let's Go!" and it went off the chart for me.
  2. Really? I'd never heard of that. I was wondering why for several posts people seemed to be playing dumb about a line they'd heard since they were toddlers...I just chalked it up to sarcasm and went back to my regular board-reading schedule. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Row,_Row,_Row_Your_Boat <--The Hackers reference seems to be the closest to what you're referring, but the game predated that movie by ~10 years.
  3. There was an Apple II BASIC game once called Terminal Boredom, which was one of the many "Maniac Mansion engine" adventure games out there where you typed in commands to do things in front of big stationary graphic screens. It started with saying that "you are playing a very boring computer game and are about to fall asleep." gee, nice self-reference... If you typed "Drink Coffee" because there was a cup of coffee in front of you, you spilled it on the keyboard and electrocuted yourself. Game over, man! Best feature of the game: If you were on the ProDOS prompt and tried to figure out how to advance in the game by LISTing the BASIC code, it told you "Row, Row, Row your boat gently down the stream" and wouldn't list anything! I LOVED some of those cheap Apple II games out there you could find on disk collections. John Romero of id Software fame got his start by programming Apple II clones of Defender, Pac-Man, and other arcade classics and putting them on those disks.
  4. WTF, you guys are saying they stripped a lot of the script... It wasn't as bad as with FF4's localization, but they already stripped FF6 of a lot of realism even the first time around in the USA, just by not implying little things like Duane and Katarin having a baby out of wedlock, Cyan reading porno magazines (really balanced his guts-and-glory-family-man persona with some very human failings, huh?) etc. Fortunately from the youtubes it looks like they didn't butcher the graphics and sounds the way the GBA version of Tales of Phantasia did (although it's more understandable with ToP because as strong as FF6 was audiovisually by SNES standards, ToP set the bar even higher; the SNES should flat-out have not been able to handle graphics that good and "streaming vocals." Also, the ToP "official translation" in the GBA port was so awful that they referred to the Ragnarok--a common name to anyone even vaguely familiar with any mythology--as the "Kangaroo," LOL!!)
  5. Yeah, I know where you were going. I wasn't meaning to come across as a defensive Duke Nukem fan with the 1337-speak or anything, mostly just making fun of jokes about Duke Nukem Forever's development time and the development time itself. And yes, Daikatana comes to mind with long-development games that end up being teh suck.
  6. omg!!!11!! so THAT''Z y itz kall3d d0ok no0kum 4eva!!11!!! Seriously, they finally released a tiny screenshot a few weeks ago, and they've continued to feed the people on forums.3drealms.com the usual "we're making good progress, we have several gigs of data, we're polishing the finishing touches, we like pigcops, strippers and pigcop strippers," When it's done, baby. When it's done.
  7. MedHead said it best, love both the old-school vibe and the bass, and it does get more creative and grows on you. Mazedude + Bobby Prince = winning combo (although I still think Duke Nukem II and Bio Menace had even better music than the Wolfenstein, Doom and CK music everyone loves Bobby for.)
  8. I'm glad someone finally remixed this. 1) I like how it gets creative towards the end and you mix in a bit of the traditional Kefka theme. 2) Cymbals are way too loud, but like the other percussion. 3) Maybe throw in a little more bass? I liked how the original version sounded robotic. 4) Maybe a little more creativity early on, like a pause between the first four beats and the last four in the refrain around :41 and elsewhere
  9. Anyone interested in remixing the song that appears in the 2nd episode, level 1 and a few other levels? You'll probably have to be good with guitar synth... (The original version can be heard by going to http://www.chiptune.de/adlib/Apogee.zip then going to the Duke Nukem II directory, then to NUKEMANA.IMF; you'll also need AdPlug for Winamp, available at adplug.sourceforge.net )
  10. Solid remix of a pretty deep song. Like the varying tempo. If I ever find the time I will have to remix the final boss remix (which is also part of the intro)...now THAT was amazing
  11. bLiNd-All of your trance work is great ever since I heard your first Star Fox Space Cowboys song, and this is no exception. The original song was cool in emotion just like this one. On another note, I think "A Shot of Crisis" is one of the most under-rated songs in CT and you also have a pretty good remix of it on your website; the other songs are very nice too.
  12. McVaffe delivers again...good work. SGAG has a very nice soundtrack across the board (especially considering it comes from the era where SNES games didn't swap instruments,) and this track is nice although the final level is still the best.
  13. You have got to be kidding me...just one of the great songs in one of the best NES games ever. Not much of a jazz person and some stuff is more off-tune than it has to be...once you get into the violin stuff this becomes solid.
  14. Percussion is a little on the loud side but the other instruments are good. Pace and volume should have varied a bit more. The original song was one of those "blew me away by SNES standards" type especially since it was done in conjunction with the only ridiculously hard boss in the game...this one maintains all of its keys and other necessities but has a few weaknesses. B+
  15. Prophecy was one of the best songs in a VERY up-and-down SOM soundtrack (there were some *really* bad songs that overused that annoying percussion or just had worthless melody.) Piano is excellent and other instruments are not bad. I'm not a big fan of lyrics in OCR songs unless they are flawless; they can be severely out-of-place, badly chosen, and some people just can't sing, but these are above-average. You mostly did it justice, B+/A- Flammie rules (brought back sooooo many memories of Falkor from "Neverending Story.")
  16. Excellent piano work as always, Mr. Wingless. Great mood, not too simple, not too complicated. Dare I say better than your Super Metroid Girl/World duo. A
  17. Agree that the themes are defined too loosely, but the way the songs capture the mood is amazing. A-
  18. For whatever reason I thought it should be called "Tina B in tha House" ... I like most rap and this is no exception, but it didn't hold up enough for me on repeated listenings...took more liberties with the original song than it had to.
  19. There will NEVER be a Terra mix half the quality of "Toki no Hourousha" from the Pray soundtrack, but this is about as close as you can get... Love the way it starts, and how it maintains that melody the whole way and adds the extra beats...the pulsing rhythm keeps it going nicely.
  20. Descent II was such a great game...a good ways ahead of its time technologically, sounds were nice, CD audio was mostly superb, and MIDI was not as good as the original but mostly good, especially this track. This remix was way too repetitive and was too midi-ish in not taking enough liberties with the original song, but the extra stuff it did have further added to the somber undertones the original midi already had. B+
  21. Dangit...you ruined a great, emotional song that really grew on me once I got used to it. Dislike the snares and the atmosphere in general, and the instruments didn't do it for me, even in the parts that weren't all loud and hazy. C-
  22. Pretty good remix of "What Should Be" (sound test/SPC track 13.) It mostly removes the somber piano melody in the background, but I like the rendition of the main melody. I didn't like how I couldn't tell what song this was until I was excessively familiar with all the original songs, though. But good job.
  23. Another soundtrack that was beautiful in the original VRC6 form (the Japanese version of Castlevania 3 and Esper Dream 2 also used this Konami mapper chip, and incidentally Lagrange Point used a "VRC7" that was step ahead and sounded like PC Adlib.) Translated into MP3 it sounds great, too, especially the part around 2:00+ that's based on the 1st track of the .nsf (although it could've been a little more forceful and emotional here.)
  24. SD3 is the best game ever to not have an official American release!! My only complaints: 1. I could barely tell this was a remix of Swivel the first time I listened to it, and I've played SD3 start to finish once and listened to the SPCs many times. The song title made me think it would be an Electric Talk remix. 2. Waaaay too dark. Swivel was an almost excessively upbeat song. Still, both of these have the upside of awesome freestyle. I especially like the guitar...
  25. Man, I was always hoping this one would get remixed! I like most of the effects and instruments, and there's a decent amount of creativity (it could use a little more, though--it gets a little repetive at times.) Grade B+
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