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  1. Oh nice! Thanks for the heads-up!

  2. Ha, why thank you! Guess I managed to get around the whole 'chiptune on OCR' issue, eh?

  3. HA, well; didn't think that my gaseousness would get this popular, but I thank you sir!

  4. Ha, that seemed to be the best part so I gotta at this point! Might get a better sample or something though; one that really says 'Hydro Shitty.' :P

  5. Hahaha, thanks man! I dunno about subbing it though; it's really just a bad cover with a half-assed solo. I'd have to definitely polish that turd before I'd submit it, especially since I'm already down a couple of points due to the whole 'chiptune' aspect.

  6. Why thank you Rexy! Yeah, Stevo has kind of saturated my wall, but a fresh face is always welcome!

  7. I'd say finish Loner and get it wrapped up with...if we don't get it done now I don't really see us getting to it, as we have many more FANTASTICAL ideas waiting to be put in motion.

  8. Yo dude, you still want sax for your BT&DD mix? I'm finally done school so I've plenty of time to lay some licks down. Also I think your thread got purged from the active ones; I had to find it in the archive: http://ocremix.org/forums/archive/index.php/t-32840.html

  9. YES; recommend me an IM client to install since I haven't done that yet and I'm sure there are better alternatives to AIM's client!

  10. Hey, does your friend "D-Pain" have an account on the OLR forums? It's needed to add him to the database for remixers.

  11. Same here ;_; I guess that means it's time to up the ante

  12. Owl City wrote a blog about you (give or take a bit): http://owlcityblog.com/2011/01/24/halcyon/

  13. You'd be out of your element, but I think you'd do fine. Not that anyone wants to see the chips and bits gone however!

    I told Stevo I was making an effort to be on AIM more so we shall CHAT IT UP soon! HOORAY!

  14. I heard you were in the presence of an altercation with the firing of weapons. Were any chips or bits harmed in these events?

  15. I has saw, and I resisted the urge to be all 'i'm totally gonna abuse this and NOT work on my horn arrange!' since I have to maintain the good 'Vice Pres' image and things. But yes I noticed! Hope the move-in goes awesome!

  16. unf unf muffins! and when we get old and gray we'll be the Plaid Bald Cupcakes!

  17. Huh, well, at the time you only had one mix in the queue...that might be something that's still broken. If uploading now still doesn't work, I'll get suzume to take a look at it. For now, please insert coin to continue.

  18. Hey, we fixed the queue over at OLR, but for some reason your song still doesn't work. So, if you could, like, re-upload, like, and stuff, like, that'd be cool. Like, rad.

  19. gotcha; I'm a Sibby guy, so .pdf will do fine. if you need help with anything, gimme a shout...I dunno how much I could do within Finale, but I could probably do a Sibelius equivalent or something like that.

  20. YO DUDE! If you do the parts for Stevo's mega-ska-mix, would use be using a program like Sibelius or Finale?

  21. Yeah; my private teacher who graduated from Towson sent a pretty nasty e-mail demanding why I didn't make it, considering he was the one who prepared me.

    But that's why I'm in Philly now, at the school who decided not to reject me!

  22. the city the city the city

    oh you're in towson? I got rejected from their School of Music because I couldn't play my saxophone classically enough. :razz:

  23. Sweet. I actually live an hour away from the city, so I don't really know the city well. But I can always compare it to Philly, as it is my current location.

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