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  2. ROUND 3: IMMIGRANTS http://olremix.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=9545 Original Message: QEAR WELCOME, ladies and gentlemen, to the first QEAR competition! Goal: to create a hilarious remix via purposeful and/or accidental means, for the enjoy of a good laugh! Each month, there is a theme, and three bonus criteria. Your remix must fit within the theme, and you must include two of the three bonuses. They vary from month to month, so if you are disinclined one month there's always the next! The contest runs for 15 days, so the mixing process will be over on February 17th. Any information yo
  3. So, since I've been name-dropped and whatnot... I really dig the groove you have going on here, but what are you looking for in terms of the sax? You have a specific place in mind (such as the ending of the one WIP), or are you just looking for me to improvise over the top of it? I'll have to admit that I don't feel too highly about my improv chops to have a significant part, although if that's more or less what you are looking for I would probably write out something that would be effective and tailor it to any specifics you have. A lil' more info plz kthnx!
  4. AS REQUESTED: The set-up: -28" Hanns-G HZ281HPB -Logitech wireless keyboard and mouse -teh MONSTAR underneath -MacBook Pro thing on the right, in front of 1TB external Up-close shot of the monster Apparently ImageShack doesn't like my pic of my MIDI controller against the wall so you can't see it but imagine a Korg K61P sitting up against a wall and you'll pretty much have the right idea. my camera is shit kthnx
  5. Same here ;_; I guess that means it's time to up the ante

  6. Owl City wrote a blog about you (give or take a bit): http://owlcityblog.com/2011/01/24/halcyon/

  7. drink a citrus drink you know, one that's lemon-lime
  8. Totally badass dude. Really dug the second half with the background loops.
  9. Which is better, beer or liquor? Some days I prefer the former, and some the latter.
  10. i bought this thang is there a money-back guarantee; i am siding with chth
  11. Pssssh forget that I want dem sound libraries! I can eat after I make dem phat beatz.
  12. I think he just didn't have anything else to say I mean, really? $75/month for checking e-mails rather than dealing on the phone with people plus the option for sound libraries? How could you NOT expect the entire forum to jump at that. Also, I have interest in future openings when the time arises. Obviously.
  13. CAAAAAAAAAAAKKKKKKKEEEEEEE and other festivities!
  14. Happy birfdai!! and thanks for being punishably easy in Super Mario World.
  15. Hahaha, I don't think I've heard that since I've played OoS a decade ago...but yeah, they sound like long-lost cousins.
  16. OH WAT, the RAR! soundtrack got released? Man, I missed that by a long shot.
  17. Your princess is in another castle *ratatatatatatatatatata* good shtuff
  18. Larry I sent you a PM about the Dhsu credit thing so since it's been posted here (which is another thing I didn't think about...clearly the end of the semester is rotting my head), you can ignore it when/if you ever get around to looking through your inbox. also, hopefully i'll get around to listening to this thing! can't wait
  19. Well first off Baha, I did not know you offered assistance for struggling projects, so my apologies on that end. I also agree wholeheartedly about poorly run projects; that's truly the core of my distaste for project hate in the first place. However, the problem that gets me the most is everyone's intent on making a project an OCR official project. I wouldn't mind having new music every day; heck, it seems like I'm trying to find it myself. But once the "official" aspect enters, it seems as if many directors don't really understand all of the different elements that this encompasses, and i
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