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  1. ProtoDome: Championing the use of the Double L Also, relevant.
  2. YES; recommend me an IM client to install since I haven't done that yet and I'm sure there are better alternatives to AIM's client!

  3. So I never thought I'd hear "Please do not remove the memory card or turn the power off" as a hook...but now I can sleep easy knowing that it has been done. oh yeah, internet surfing/menial task music fo sho. we'll see if it's driving music when I get a chance to BUMP it enjoy ur 500 pennies kthnx
  4. yes plz! I think someone brought it up on our forum a while ago, too...it's crazy!!
  5. Only gripe is the phrase from 2:42-2:47. The way the bass continues while the chord lingers just throws me off, but the rest is another classic by Mr. Morse.
  6. Well, first and foremost, what's your music worth to you? Everything has a price, including how much work you put into the music, so it should probably be a reflection of that and the final product. I'd say start small, such as $50 or even $100 (depending on the quality of the track; you don't want to alienate people, but you also don't want to appear like you have no spine and just give the music away), and then if they think that's too high/not within their budget, the negotiations can start and you can work with them to make a win-win situation. Also, time spent per minute of track is re
  7. If I get this done before the end of May, I'll probably use Pro Tools at my school's studio. But if you just let me know where to play something, it'll be a lot easier for me to just listen and play along with the track. THAT SAID, however; I probably won't get to this until April or so, only because I have a senior recital at the end of the month which is pretty much taking all of my time nowadays (I've missed several project deadlines because of it as well). So sorry on the wait, but real life takes priority!
  8. Round 03 has started, with the theme of IMMIGRANTS! Details on what THAT means in the original thread: http://olremix.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=9545
  9. Oh! Well, the only person who entered Round 01 was Tarrasque, with his song 'AUTHENTIC KOREAN FOLK MUSIC,' which is now eligible to be posted in the OverLooked database once I get my butt into gear finishing up posting the last handful of OLRmageddon mixes. Round 02 currently has judging going on until March 10th until 11:59 PM EST, and Round 03 will begin once I receive a theme from Tarrasque (as he won the first contest; winners get to choose the theme and all their bonuses (although if they're aren't enough, we'll add some), and then the next available round will have that theme). I supp
  10. Found via Reddit; who doesn't love free? http://static2.cdn.ubi.com/gamesites/BGE/ost/Beyond_Good_and_Evil-OST.zip
  11. Influx from NeoGaf perhaps? http://ocremix.org/forums/archive/index.php/t-8715.html Either that or a lot of people were anxious to see how ReCapitated was going to be topped so they all jumped the gun two days early...
  12. Did anyone else read this? The main point is that even though GeoHot and the other guys own their respective PS3s, they don't own the code that protects Sony's security, and that's where they could lose the case. Is this a valid point for the case, or something that will be blown over by other factors?
  13. Hey now, you forgot Link's Awakening, which is basically a sequel to The Frog for Whom the Bell Tolls, which has nothing to do with Zelda. Also, the link in my previous post is to a hi-res version of that artwork, so GO GET THAT SHIT SON.
  14. Found on reddit: http://steam-punk.net/zelda_25th_anniversary.jpg
  15. Am I the only one who thought this was common knowledge?
  16. THAT is how you create hype for something. I'm not too big on zombie games, but I will definitely be keeping a watch on this one.
  17. fyi, Robert Keller is me! I just chose to write an original piece, not do an remix.
  18. Hey, does your friend "D-Pain" have an account on the OLR forums? It's needed to add him to the database for remixers.

  19. Man, take Guitar Hero all you want, but why True Crime? I was so looking forward to another glitch-filled city where half the 'features' weren't even tested to see if they function properly.
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