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  1. Projekt Chaos...so simple, yet so awesome... Anywho. May 22nd?? Sweet. Though I still need to figure out how to record and insert myself in the song, I'm sure I could get my song done before the end of the month. Oh, and KFC, I'm going to send you a cleaner version of my current WIP (so I don't get label in the RED, which will surely happen with the one I sent you.)
  2. Wow. Such hatred and disgust. You know, may be if we actually posted either WIPs, some feedback to the songs, or something to progress/improve the projet that isn't negative, the thread won't be locked for flaming and insults. With that said, progress on my WIP is slowly but surely. ...you know what, I doubt anybody is going to read this, or even bother taking the advice. Post Count +1. "Why Can't We Be Friends? Why Can't We Be Friends..."
  3. TEH INTARWEB IZ SERIOUS BUSYNESS I feel safe because the only person who has heard my song is KFC. Unless people are crafty and found out where I have it hosted... But that's unlikely. Post Count +1
  4. Meh, it's all I could do at the moment. If you want, I'll get some more stuff in there by April 9th. I just wanted to get something down in sound before the deadline flew by. As soon as I get the stupid projects done (4 of 'em over the break...grrr *break chocolate bunny*).
  5. My WIP for Hydro City: Hydrolocity Granted, I haven't gotten very far, since I've been bombarded with lots of projects to have a sufficent grade at the end of the quarter. Eventually I'll have my nice alto playing over this garbled mess. And the WIP only took me 15 minutes last night.
  6. I think we should have done a Mario project or something, instead of jumping from Sonic 2 to Sonic 3+Knuckles. But that's just my opinion; take it or leave it. What will happen after this? Someone to do the original Sonic the Hedgehog? If I ever get any music software besides the damn free edition of FruityLoops that I used to make my craptacular remix that didn't make it on Hedgehog Heaven, then I'd participate. But, only time will tell if that happens. Hopefully soon. I'd love to make IceCap into something nobody's ever hear before (because I, quite frankly, am sick of the techno the
  7. 'Bout freakin' time. Wait, what am I saying; I got the tracks early. Congratulations to all of the remixers who were involved in the project, and to everyone else along the way. Hopefully in the next porject (whatever one that will be ) I can join, seeing how when this one was around I was still a n00b at remixing. And to every single one of you who was bitching and moaning for the project to come out, you should undergo a sex change and bear Richter's children. It's people like him that keep things like these on their feet, no matter how grim the situation. He stuck through til the en
  8. Ah, I see. Thanks. I hope there's no stealing in the script, otherwise you'd need to put a character back in...
  9. Just as a suggestion, Claado, but you should try to get Nixdorux in on this. If you've heard any of his Zelda songs over on VGMix, you can see has has superb talent at orchestra (his recent submission to OCR is something different for his tastes, though). On an unrelated note to the project, does anybody know how to steal items in Chrono Trigger? I read about it in a FAQ, but it never said how to. Of course, if Claado doesn't want you guys to answer, then that's fine.
  10. Tesseract = I think "Chronicles of the Tesseract" is a fine name. It relates to Chrono Trigger, and I like the fact that it shortens to "CoT", which is the same as Chrono Trigger. That has my vote. And keep up the work guys! All the tracks so far have superb. Can't wait till you guys finish.
  11. Vigilante's "Eulogy at Sea" is the same as "Beneath the Surface", just a name change, and possibly some mix modifications, but still the same structure. I knew that; I've been following the project since the start, I just wanted to know if anybody had a link to the one with all the vocals that are prominent(sp?) in the song, like at the beginning and the end (final the vocals are dubbed down a lot). I know some people didn't like them, but I thought they were very fitting to the piece. Of course, they really do't make sense in an album about DKC, so I can understand way they were dubbed do
  12. The links to the two arrangements rejected by peer review are still active and can be found in the history thread here. As I'll be saying again and again, thank you everyone so much for your feedback. Your support itself has made this project possible. Well, I gotta add my own opinion. This album rocks! I'm listening to it for the millionth time again; as soon as I get the chance, I'm going to have the two CDs burnt and sitting next to my original Donkey Kong Country Soundtrack (which I bought from Nintendo, along with the other two in a trilogy). Now, as you stated above, Coma, yes, th
  13. Is this okay? Absolutely beatuiful. Also, since is the newbies forum, I'll ask a newbie question: What is with the "MGS Codenames" in everyones' sigs? Do you just make them up, so do you go somewhere and recieve them? I've wondering for a while, and I don't get much time to browse the forums.
  14. I'd like a sig; I don't have any software to really do anything with pictures (except Paint, but I have no patience and a twitchy hand, so that's no good). If possible: -the words "Xenon Odyssey" -A pic of Fierce Diety from Zelda: Majora's Mask -A pic of the Master Sword -Lightning background If that's not possible, than at least "Xenon Odyssey" and the lightning background. Take your time; I'll probably forget I posted this after ten minutes. And the only reason I'm not requesting in the UnMod thread is because it would really be fantasic to have my parents walk by me as I browse the
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