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  1. Another possibly good source of info: http://studio-central.com/phpbb/viewforum.php?f=15
  2. True! Like mentioned - you should always check the requirements of the specific hardware you plan to run. I plan to use FL and a few cheap VST plug-in instruments, so I realized I really didn't need to upgrade just yet from my current configuration. People are having great luck with the X2 though in many things: http://www.kvraudio.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=114774&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=0 Considering AMD is going to release quad-core technology, that will either drive the price of X2's down, or else X2's might be lost in the mix (so to speak )
  3. KVR has some interesting posts on monitors as well: http://www.kvraudio.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=105338 and http://www.kvraudio.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=113624 I'm thinking about getting monitors, but I'm not sure they'd mix well with my apartment lifestyle... I was looking at the Behringer Truths that retail for $499 a pair... I haven't bought speakers in 8 years, so I figure I could afford to pick up some mid-range ones. It would be great if I lived in a big city and could listen to a bunch of different ones, but that would be a 12-hour drive minimum... Thanks for the info - I'll check into those headphones. Edit: After reading up on studio monitors on the 'net for about 30 hours or so, I know to stay away from the Behringers - the quality control is just too spotty. The other thing I learned is that... there is no perfect solution, unless you want to shell out upward of a grand... :/
  4. For $500 you get get a 2.2GHz dual chip, or for $200 less you could get the 1.8GHz A64 3800+, which would be plenty of power for you. Until Intel gets their new architecture out the door, AMD Dual-core rules the day for now. If you check out the NI Komplete recommended system though, they only list a 1.6Ghz Athlon XP, which can probably be had used for $20. So, you could save a lot of $ on a computer depending on what you need it to do. Take a look at the requirements/recommendations of the software you plan to buy.
  5. Santa brought me some $ which I can convert into music. Just don't know what I want to do with it yet. For the price of a workstation, I could instead upgrade my PC and buy a lot of software/interfaces. Just can't decide yet. Ok - finally decided on a midi controller - this is just too good to pass up. If they ever make a 76-key version, I will get one and replace it. Just have to find one in stock somewhere: http://www.music123.com/Novation-ReMOTE-61-SL--i318508.music Edit: in order to stave off buying a whole new A64 PC, I upgrade my video card to an ATI X850 XT AGP version. Should be here Thursday.
  6. The boss from the NES game "Conquest of the Crystal Palace." Man, I tried playing that game again years later, and I couldn't even get past the second level...
  7. I just restarted my account a week ago. Still getting used to things - don't even remember all the little skills I have available as a Warlock - I completely forgot about my healthstone at first for example! Hunting around in Un'Goro Crater atm. After getting a fortitude buff, was taking on lvl 54 tar lords at lvl 51. Fun! The Xmas stuff has been fun, except for the clods clogging up the Xmas quest giver/vendor in IF. I like the city itself much better, but the intelligence level in SW seems several gradations higher. I griffon'd to SW from IF and there was no one hogging the vendor. Perhaps the lack of an AH in SW creates this situation... Anyways, my character is "Arugula" lvl 51 Gnome Warlock on Earthen Ring.
  8. ... speaking of which, I just got in on the Styrus group buy. I'll have to tweak around with it this weekend, can't wait!
  9. Wow... I still haven't hardly got a chance to open up FL5. I need controller bad - that would give me the impetus to really crack open this little proggy...
  10. I just got an email from the FL crew saying that they have a new edition out and also video tutorials, but when I go onto their site, login using the password/id they gave me, it just tries to load then says "Account Suspended." ?? I've emailed tech support to see what the deal is. -spec
  11. After spending ~1,000 hours playing/levelling up in Might & Magic II, I ran into a group of monsters called the 99 Devil Kings (right before the last boss). I don't know if they are a true "boss" in the truest sense of the word, but man... Even with casting Divine Intervention as much as possible, and having pretty much every possible weapon in the game maxxed out, I could only kill about 5-7 out of the 99 total there were. So, take your hard boss battle, and multiply it times 99,and you've got that boss battle. I might look up some FAQs, but the game is so old I never really found any good ones that mentioned how to beat the devil kings. I still have my Apple IIgs and the game and my save-game if I ever run across one lol!! -speculative
  12. Link is here: http://www.kvr-vst.com/news/1008.html Good idea if you are graphically talented. (I'm not, otherwise I would enter. ) -speculative Edit - Whoa! Somehow my post got cutoff lol... Anyways, the above link is to a contest for a free copy of Fruity Loops if you win their logo design contest.
  13. Thanks for the info, I'll give that a shot. Trying to decide between Fruity Loops and Reason 2.5, so I'm trying out both the demos. The tips in this thread are great; thanks everyone. -speculative Edit: That worked like a charm - thx!
  14. Wow, I still have to search through this whole thread, it's so big! But, I just had a quick question - don't have my keyboard controller yet (took 9 years of piano so I think I'll be able to do more dmg with a controller) so I was messing around with knobs (I am teh "knob newb!") and was wondering: How would I record my actions on the knobs? For example, right now I'm playing the "duda_drumsynth" loop that comes with the demo in the "cool stuff" folder, and I'm on the controls for the "3x funk" in the "INS" menu. I'm twisting the "ATT" knob (attack?) which, when dialed in to the left, will cause a guitar-strum sound. When dialed to the right, this will cut out completely. I was just messing around and find I can create some interesting rhythms by twisting the knob in time with certain beats of the loop. So how would I go about recording these actions as though I were playing that "live?" Or, would I have to find some way to program this into the pattern. I find that when I do this with various loops I create, usually the rhythm I create over them by twisting knobs runs longer than the length of one loop. -speculative
  15. Ok, this trick won't produce anything quality, but hey we're talking about free, right? Well, as long as you can record from a player such as Winamp, and you have some percussion samples, here's what you can do: You link up the samples in a usable order (you could actually arrange an entire loop if you create shortcuts to specific samples and just line them up). Then, you highlight the first one, put your right fingers on the arrow keys of your keyboard, and use the "enter" key with you left hand to play. Now, start recording from your player, such as Winamp, and use the arrows to navigate through the samples and play them with the enter key. Basically, works similar to a keyboard, but of course without the speed? Lol... that is about as free as you can get... Found this when I was just messing around with the samples on my Magix CD. -speculative
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