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  1. Would probably end up being a Samus clone, and they're already Zero Suit Samus in there, so no don't think so I like to think MegaMan would be an excellent addition to the, appearently, growing list of potential new characters. IF he's gonna be a clone, i think it would be more likely that he would be a Kirby clone, seeing how he's copying the abilities of his enemies. But i still think MegaMan would have enough original moves of his own. Think about dashing forward or dashing in the air (like the dodge move but rather for outmoving someone).
  2. This mix kinda feels like some of the music played in F-Zero GX, especially the beginning part. I think this mix would fit just right into it.
  3. Coincidence that this midday i was listening to almost the whole sountrack of the game, and replaying Sol Sanctum a few times. I must say, i don't like this one. It doesn't feel right to me. I like the original better. Though i'd love to hear GS remixes, too bad this one slips away for me
  4. Whaha, I like this one . The only thing I gotta complain about is the way the first part is faded out. I think it would've been better if it faded at a different point.
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