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  1. By the very nature of the ninja, if you are noticed, you are a failure. Thus, if you nominate a "ninja" on this thread, you are only really pointing out their failure as a ninja. The best ninja of all time would have to be:
  2. Don't forget to add the "Harry Potter series" to the list of those who died...
  3. Bummer. I wanted to see him get smacked down and crash and burn. I wanted to see CONSEQUENCES... I hate seeing people ripping off other peoples stuff and claiming it as their own. There should be a cozy spot in hell for people like that.
  4. Agreed on the Mega-Man games as well as Mario 3. Metal Gear 1&2. If you play Metal Gear 1, then search around on the internet for a way to make it through those 1-screen mazes. They aren't worth spending the hours it takes to blunder through, though the rest of the game is good. ...and you can't beat the engrish: "Oh-oh! I feel asleep!" Zelda 2. I know many consider it blasphemy, but I liked it better than Zelda 1. Contra. Metroid. Though I still hate bomb-climbing to this day. As for emulators, I use NESticle, though I really can't recommend it. It works, but I am sure that there is bet
  5. Here is a link that is about a Rowling interview, and includes information on what happens after book 7. *SPOILER WARNING ON THAT LINK* That link goes into more detail than the Epilogue. For example, this it explains what Luna is up to after book 7. Surf around a little on that site: there are a few other links that provide additional info, too. Just beware if you haven't read book 7 yet. ...and I'd have to say I was rather amused by Trelawney taking out the werewolf dude... the earthy guy being taken out by the airhead, so to speak.
  6. To me, the criteria are too limiting. I am much more of a PC player than a console player, and the games that meet the goal of ...would include several PC games, and numerous older games. Not because these games are my favorite, but because they are/were high quality, changed the nature of video games to some degree, or otherwise pushed the envelope somehow. With this in mind, I would nominate Fallout, TES:Oblivion, and Civilization 2 because of their quality, durability, (as in "would I recommend or play this game 10 years from now?") and overall playability. I realize that some of these ga
  7. Very cool there, Analoq.I do hope you come out with more in the near future...
  8. Been married for a little over a whole month now. Got married the day before St. Patrick's day. I wanted it to be ON St. Patricks, but oh, well. At least its an easy date to remember.
  9. Hello there, I have actually been surfing and downloading from this site for quite a long time now, but haven't bothered getting involved with the forum until recently. I have often gone to the "judges decision" forums to see what is said about the music, but that was about all. A little about me: Age: 30 Sex: Male Hair: Short, a boring shade of brown Eyes: Brown, with a little green thrown in. Height: 6'4" -and I am short in my family... Social status: Never married, no kids. Favorite Books: The Wheel of Time series, The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, The Cartoon History of the Universe,
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