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  1. By the very nature of the ninja, if you are noticed, you are a failure. Thus, if you nominate a "ninja" on this thread, you are only really pointing out their failure as a ninja. The best ninja of all time would have to be:
  2. Don't forget to add the "Harry Potter series" to the list of those who died...
  3. Bummer. I wanted to see him get smacked down and crash and burn. I wanted to see CONSEQUENCES... I hate seeing people ripping off other peoples stuff and claiming it as their own. There should be a cozy spot in hell for people like that.
  4. Agreed on the Mega-Man games as well as Mario 3. Metal Gear 1&2. If you play Metal Gear 1, then search around on the internet for a way to make it through those 1-screen mazes. They aren't worth spending the hours it takes to blunder through, though the rest of the game is good. ...and you can't beat the engrish: "Oh-oh! I feel asleep!" Zelda 2. I know many consider it blasphemy, but I liked it better than Zelda 1. Contra. Metroid. Though I still hate bomb-climbing to this day. As for emulators, I use NESticle, though I really can't recommend it. It works, but I am sure that there is better.
  5. Here is a link that is about a Rowling interview, and includes information on what happens after book 7. *SPOILER WARNING ON THAT LINK* That link goes into more detail than the Epilogue. For example, this it explains what Luna is up to after book 7. Surf around a little on that site: there are a few other links that provide additional info, too. Just beware if you haven't read book 7 yet. ...and I'd have to say I was rather amused by Trelawney taking out the werewolf dude... the earthy guy being taken out by the airhead, so to speak.
  6. To me, the criteria are too limiting. I am much more of a PC player than a console player, and the games that meet the goal of ...would include several PC games, and numerous older games. Not because these games are my favorite, but because they are/were high quality, changed the nature of video games to some degree, or otherwise pushed the envelope somehow. With this in mind, I would nominate Fallout, TES:Oblivion, and Civilization 2 because of their quality, durability, (as in "would I recommend or play this game 10 years from now?") and overall playability. I realize that some of these games would not appeal to all, (for example, the "action gamers" wouldn't think much of Civ 2) but I would nominate them because they are, whether you like them or not, fine. Of the games on the list, the only one that really jumps out at me is GTA: San Andreas for PS2. Its definitely not for everyone, but there was considerable playability and quality in that game. I am sure that there were other games that were noteworthy on that list, but I have not had the chance of playing all of them.
  7. Very cool there, Analoq.I do hope you come out with more in the near future...
  8. Been married for a little over a whole month now. Got married the day before St. Patrick's day. I wanted it to be ON St. Patricks, but oh, well. At least its an easy date to remember.
  9. Hello there, I have actually been surfing and downloading from this site for quite a long time now, but haven't bothered getting involved with the forum until recently. I have often gone to the "judges decision" forums to see what is said about the music, but that was about all. A little about me: Age: 30 Sex: Male Hair: Short, a boring shade of brown Eyes: Brown, with a little green thrown in. Height: 6'4" -and I am short in my family... Social status: Never married, no kids. Favorite Books: The Wheel of Time series, The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, The Cartoon History of the Universe, Out of this Furnace by Thomas Bell, Hamlet, Second Treatise of Government, by John Locke. John Locke (1632-1704): "The Philosopher of Freedom." "Good and evil, reward and punishment, are the only motives to a rational creature: these are the spur and reins whereby all mankind are set on work, and guided." (Locke.) Fav Video Games: Prefer RPG, I love anything by Blizzard Games... Fav Movies: Boondock Saints, Kill Bill, Raiders of the Lost Ark. Fav TV: I don't watch it much, but I will sit and watch any of the Star Trek series. What I do: I Work for Dell. I hate it. I wanna go back to school... until I become a teacher, anything I do is just a job, not a career. Psychological Conditions: I hate being in water deeper than a foot or two. I also don't sleep much. Other than that, nothing at all, I am perfectly fine. PERFECTLY. FINE. Just fine, I tell you... GAAAH! <--- I like that little guy.