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  1. Gslicer, I need your permission form for your remix. Only a week left, and I'm getting all nervous. I sent you a PM with the details.

    Aside from that... how you doin', sexy?

  2. Sup cunts. I wanna join.
  3. mind is perpetual motion its symbol is the pentacle, a five- pointed star, which is the remnant of a supernova explosion at HALF the Age of the universe is determined by the Level of the gas in the cylinder is. she weighs the same as a duck she s made of wood. and leather and is currently on the boards of the one side of the. moon? k meaning of life is a Highway I wanna ride it all night long? All night) long
  4. That would be true if it were true, but thankfully it isn't.
  6. I'm working with Another Soundscape. Here's how it is so far: Edit: updated.
  7. I've already got an OCR shirt, but I wouldn't mind another one... By the way, to anyone wondering, they are very good shirts. Get one.
  8. Arcana is obviously a lady's man. Cue the pr0n music.