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  1. Gslicer, I need your permission form for your remix. Only a week left, and I'm getting all nervous. I sent you a PM with the details.

    Aside from that... how you doin', sexy?

  2. Sup cunts. I wanna join. http://generalslicer.googlepages.com/August.mp3
  3. mind is perpetual motion its symbol is the pentacle, a five- pointed star, which is the remnant of a supernova explosion at HALF the Age of the universe is determined by the Level of the gas in the cylinder is. she weighs the same as a duck she s made of wood. and leather and is currently on the boards of the one side of the. moon? k meaning of life is a Highway I wanna ride it all night long? All night) long
  4. That would be true if it were true, but thankfully it isn't.
  5. http://www.ocremix.org/info/Frequently_Asked_Questions#Why_aren.27t_the_ReMixes_categorized_by_genre.2C_i.e._techno.2C_jazz.2C_orchestral.2C_etc..3F
  6. I'm working with Another Soundscape. Here's how it is so far: http://generalslicer.googlepages.com/pokemonV1-05.mp3 Edit: updated.
  7. I've already got an OCR shirt, but I wouldn't mind another one... By the way, to anyone wondering, they are very good shirts. Get one.
  8. Arcana is obviously a lady's man. Cue the pr0n music.
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