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  1. The song goes really well with this animated GIF, which is what I suppose Phonetic Hero was going for: Reference: http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/lol-internet
  2. This sounds like something that belongs in the Bit.Trip series of games. Very fun!
  3. Perhaps it's just because of my life experiences, but this song brought tears to my eyes. If I tried to write my own parody songs, I'd strive to be this good. brentalfloss, you are an inspiration and are wonderful at your craft. The Randy Newman comments seem valid; I enjoyed the light layering of instruments, especially the rotary organ. The vocal flourishes were a nice touch, and the lyrics made Mario seem like he was full of integrity and hope, constantly marching on despite not having an assured goal. Beautiful! EDIT: I realized that I was not listening to the version posted on OCRemix -
  4. I've always wanted to hear this game remixed, and I can certainly say that this remix hits the mark in a big way. The song itself I always found sort of epic, and the jazz arrangement touches on the epicness. The drums in particular are excellently interpreted to accent the relatively true-to-the-source melody lines. I like the different tone of the song once the claps punctuate it at around 2:11. Like many others, I'm not a big fan of the fadeout, but that's far from making me dislike this mix. Excellent work.
  5. Excellent mix - very good ballad feel to it. The song sounds so full of lament in the middle .. it sounds like the performers are in emotional pain while playing it, and it rocks! I'm just wondering if anyone else heard echoes of Guile's stage from Street Fighter in this song. At about 1:32, I heard a phrase that sounded very much like it could have been from a Guile remix. Can you imagine Mega Man in Street Fighter? Not the Capcom remix stuff ... I'm talking old 8-bit mega man vs 16 bit Guile. Sonic boom vs. pea shooter. But I digress. Anyway, bravo on the great remix! Very "moody"
  6. I ordered an XL shirt (which is still Pending on ztnetstore.com), but that was only because the L that I wanted was unavailable. I would much rather have a Large shirt, so that's my vote. Should I cancel my ZTnetStore order? I'm proud to support my ocremix.org! Perhaps one day I will have time to make a submission and be shot down by the judges!
  7. I enjoyed this song - very simple, very "human." It reminded me of some of the David Schwartz songs used in the TV show Arrested Development. The song might have benefited from a little more layering, and I would have loved to hear a "battle" of sorts between either two lead plucking guitars or perhaps the existing guitar with another instrument (a clarinet, perhaps). Nonetheless, it is a good, fun song. Me like.
  8. Ah, Ryu Stage - done to death, but always interesting. Here are my feelings on this ReMix. 0:00 - 0:42 Very pretty, but too much pedal. Each measure runs into the other. 0:42 Oooh! Life! 0:51 - 0:58 Whoa! Soul! I can finally see Ryu's inner turmoil beneath his cool and always calm exterior. The chaos ends with a deep breath at 0:58 and .. 0:59 - 1:44 The heart and soul of Ryu's theme. This is the part I can almost sing along to - and am glad for that. The section seems to evoke an image of ryu's standing stance, bouncing in time to the music, then jumping (1:00), punching (tr
  9. Very minimal piece. No bells, no whistles, no strings, no in-game samples. No kidding. This arrangement is beautiful, relaxing, and emotional; it's just what Link needs after a hard day saving the world. I love the expression in varied velocity - I read that the original version of this piece didn't have touch sensitivity, and I cannot bear to imagine this piece without it. The extra high note at 3:08 is out of tune, just like many real pianos at that octave . From 2:56 on, it seems to be like Link is readying himself for rest, but is fighting sleep, and at 3:08 he just slumps ove
  10. Hey, does this sound out of tune? (waits for chair to be thrown) Seriously though - I had some issues with this piece. I enjoyed the simplicity and REALness of it. There is definitely something about a live performance (metronome included) that is captivating. The tuning, whether intentional or not, was a bad taste in my mouth. It sounded okay until the part at 0:52. As haunting as the dissonance (or rather, tonal inconsistency?) was, it certainly did remind me of cringing at a grade-school violin recital. In my opinion, the violin (when played well) is an expressive enough instrument
  11. Great way to capture the spirit of warfare. Drums reminded me slightly of goat's NoFleshAllowed mix of Castlevania 2, but that's just his style, I guess. Excellent job revamping the 8-bit triangle bass to crunch guitars! Another quality goat mix.
  12. Is anyone else reminded of the opening theme of Rurouni Kenshin (played at hyper-speed) when they listen to this mix (specifically around 0:29)? A little bit of a surprise ending on this one. I kinda didn't expect it to be over when it did - I had to check to make sure my WinAmp didn't crash. Fun and energetic. A little repetitive, but amusing.
  13. Does anyone else have this as the Super Mario Bros 1_1 Hampton OC ReMix? Can anyone say when or why the name changed? I found this mix simple but enjoyable. It's a good mix to roll your head around while thumping out a solid beat.
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