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  1. Yup. You just have to do it manually as opposed to the "quote message in reply" in quick-edit, AFAIK.
  2. Yeah, I forgot that locked threads aren't supposed to be editable, and for that matter I forgot that that thread was even locked in the first place. My original intent was to edit my post in that particular thread to point to the correct forum, and I incorrectly figured that migrated posts weren't editable. That was the original "minor issue." In my haste to salvage the other half of that post, that edit ended up grammatically FUBAR.
  3. Minor issue, once I realized that locked posts can't have their messages edited. A shame since I wanted to fix my post in this thread to point to the correct forum. And don't links need to be underlined? Or orange as they used to be? Right now any link in a post just comes up as the same color as regular text.
  4. Mmm threaded view ftw. Plus with threaded view I don't have to enable quickreply for each post. Course it also means I have to click each post that I want to read. Oh well. That in and of itself might be a good safety feature too . Another nice thing about threaded view is that it includes a preview of each post, so I can tell if someone's reply is an imagebomb and simply skip it.
  5. I would think RAM would have a greater impact than CPU speed. Not much difference, IMO.
  6. Not sure if this works as I think it should, but from looking at my laptop (since I don't have wireless on my desktop), it appears as if any wireless NIC, assuming you have a connection to share, can act as a bridge to your wired ethernet connection. That's what I'm referring to. I've never tried it though.
  7. Something from Zalman, though it would help if you specified what brand and model CPU you're talking about.
  8. From the unmod thread: Mom also got me a $50 EB/GS gift card.
  9. Really? First time I've read about this, on all of the tech forums I frequent. I'll take your word for it.
  10. Any suggestions on how to fix this 'physical memory' problem? But more RAM I assume? No, not necessarily, just kill some services and processes you don't need. http://majorgeeks.com/page.php?id=12
  11. CPU usage shouldn't inherently matter unless you've got a process prioritized higher than anything else you're running. Severe framerate drops and glitchiness sounds more like you're running out of physical memory resulting in pagefile HD thrashing. Also, make note that Task Manager is misleading as fuck. You'd be better served with SysInternals Process Explorer. It's far more accurate and useful than Task Manager.
  12. Have been for the while. I mean the best you could get yourself is a GeForce 6200, low-end budget graphics there. Now the system currently has onboard video, right? Dare I ask what chipset?
  13. If it's "new," does it have PCI-express slots instead of AGP?
  14. Military science fiction? Good suggestions here. Heck, read the rest of the site too, though it's more useful for authors than readers it's still awesome.
  15. "I hate temporal mechanics." That about sums up my loathing of those kinds of episodes. Anyways, to try to understand some peoples' voyager hate, read this for starters. This one's good too. (EDIT: Whenever the site actually freaking loads...)
  16. I just record them onto the phone by playing them out one of my speakers. Course, I have to force both channels out both speakers in Audacity, but they come out pretty decent. The problem with most ringtones is that they're limited to durations of 30 seconds or less. Mine tend to go at least a minute. In fact they don't even finish a single loop before the voicemail kicks in. They're still funny as hell to have them go off in class though. I can tell who the geeks are by how long it takes them to recognize obscure NES and SNES tunes.
  17. Kes was the only positive aspect to Voyager, and they killed her off due to UPN/Viacom's demand for "higher ratings with the 18-24 demographic," which called for one thing. Big boobs. They certainly got 'em. They dumped Kes and turned the rest of the cast into big boobs. Though I grew up with TNG and enjoyed it, I think the best Trek was DS9. Among other reasons, it ignited my interest in shapeshifters. But think, out of all of the Captains, Kirk never knew Q (but did outwit Trelaine, who may have been a Q), nor did Archer. Picard kept trying to outfox Q with human virtue, which made him out to be a dullard, and Janeway was practically in bed with Q. Sisko though? Sisko decked Q. That makes him awesomer than the rest combined. Take this even further: Kirk traded immortality in heaven to die under a collapsed bridge. Archer? Ancient history. Picard? He's still around, assumedly. Janeway? Flag officer? Sisko practically became a God. Though he did start out half-Prophet, and just didn't know it.
  18. That's because Nemesis was little more than a port of Star Trek II to TNG. They even offloaded Data's katra to a convenient replacement. Nemesis blew, hard I'd rather ignore the fact it even exists and perchance to hope that it get decanonized. Forming another rule of Star Trek movies: Every fifth movie isn't canon.
  19. That's because Nemesis was little more than a port of Star Trek II to TNG. They even offloaded Data's katra to a convenient replacement.
  20. I would recommend getting a pad (any pad, really) just due to the fact that constantly using a mouse on a surface for long has about the same effect as sandpaper. On a desk I used to have, it's obvious where the mouse was used, because the teflon feet had worn away long before I tossed the mouse and there were two half-circles full of scratches where the mouse would always be.
  21. The best description I've read yet of Voyager: "The captain is a shrewish hypocritical despot, the first officer is about as effectual as Gumby, and the main draw of the series has a rack that could be used as a flotation device."
  22. It means civilization grinds to a halt when the power goes out.
  23. Yeah. Follow the previously-given advice, don't transcode, it just gets progressively worse.
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