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  1. Second all the comments -- thanks to all in the OCR community for their continued hard work & dedication!
  2. Gotta say that WR is one of my favorite remixers as of late on here, with this jam being no exception. The first 1:05 is a fresh take on this level unlike other remixes I've heard of this song (LOVE that little ad lib at 1:02-1:04) and can't go wrong with the Flash Man mix in 15 secs later. Ending wasn't my cup o' tea, but oh well... Generally dig the whole vibe of this song, which is becoming the norm with Rock. Cheers!
  3. just listenin to this mix, and overall I like it. Granted it's nothing like the other "Space Cowboy" songs I've heard :coughstevemillerbandcough: ;)...but for Starfox, this will do quite well!
  4. Well, I personally see this as nothing short of incredible, which is not something new to Disco Dan. His Mega Man 3 soundtrack is still my most favorite set of tunes for that game -- and here, he presents nothing short of excellent. The beat just flows perfectly throughout the entire song. I love the piano intro!! I think that is such a great lead into a fantastic rhythm. I can guarentee I'll be listening to this one constantly in the coming weeks! GREAT JOB!
  5. Interesting story I thought I'd share with you about this mix... I just listened to this mix for the first time in a while last night, and my roommate turns to me and goes, "Hey, Phil Collins, good song...." I look at him and go, "Uhmm...what the hell are you talking about?" He goes, "This song...isn't this "In the Air Tonight"?" And I go, "No, this is Mega Man 2..." Well, after downloading it, I noticed that the introductions to both sounds sound sorta similiar.
  6. this is my favorite FF3 mix outta them all. It's sooooo smooth flowing and I just love the jazzy type beat to it. Just an all around great mix IMHO. Great job Quinn!
  7. it's got a nice beat to it, I enjoy listening to this mix. But I will admit, after a while, the noise does irritate the ears a bit...but then again, if it's too loud, you're too old
  8. All I gotta say is it's about time a Contra mix came along, I've really missed those....and this isn't half bad. Fairly simple, but I'd listen to it more than once
  9. I didn't mind it so much, but I'm not putting it way up there on my list of favorites...just a nice tune to hit while skimming through the playlist
  10. The guitar in this is outstanding...makes me wanna learn to play this....this has QUICKLY become one of my fav's, and will be for a while. GREAT JOB!
  11. I love this mix, so much crazy stuff going on. I actually was blastin' this one morning, and my fellow roommate came in and was like, "OMG, I know this song!" And we started jammin...just an overrall fun song...
  12. I know I've already commented on this piece, but I've been listening to it lately, and noticed something that I absolutely love about this piece. First it starts at 1:35 with the organ, and that leads into 1:52 which I absolutely love! It's a nice little improv section, while still keeping the basic FF3 medley going. I just thought that was such a cool little section listening to it today...
  13. Nothing short of brillance coming from this piece, I really get into it at 0:50 while the melody really hits full force. And like everyone else has mentioned, the instruments are incredibly clean and just flow so nicely. This is definitely up there on my favorites list by far!
  14. This is definitely a peaceful remix, and I love it...I find I like to play it quite often...also to sooth the soul
  15. This is an outstanding remix, real dance type music, and it just has a good flowing beat to it....I love what I hear
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