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  1. I wouldn't consider adding a single 47kohm resistor to the NES a heavy modification. Your explanation sounds greatly exaggerated. Although you also need an extra wire on the Famicom to NES adapter as well, if you check out the instructions these are fairly trivial modifications to make. Someone with only a small amount of soldering experience should have no problem.
  2. Always nice to see Shenmue get some care. The 2nd game is probably my favorite Dreamcast game, and the first was good too. It's interesting how you only hear the first 10 seconds or so of the song in-game, yet in the DSF rip you can hear that the song is actually around 50 seconds long before it loops. (BGM109.dsf)
  3. Just a good piece of advice for anyone who doesn't know it. The PS3 version of FFXIV is on sale for PS+ members for $10 right now. If you own the PC version, have PS+, but do not own the PS3 version, you should buy it at this price. It adds an additional 30 days free to your account since you purchased a new version of the game, so you're effectively getting an extra month for $10 instead of the regular subscription price. (And the PS3 + PS4 versions of the game as an added bonus) You just have to make sure you log-in to your existing account from the PS3 to add the service. I have tested this and confirmed it works. I can't find history anywhere that lists that the 30 days were added, but my next subscription renewal date did get pushed back a month as listed on the site. (And their FAQ confirms that buying the other version is supposed to include an additional 30 day trial, even against the same account)
  4. I'm assuming due to how long this one was in the works, that it wasn't feasible, but since I don't see it mentioned in the readme or anywhere here I should ask anyway: Will any of the tracks be released in FLAC if they were available in lossless?
  5. There is a .2sf rip of this game, and the plug-in pack promoted by this site appears to include a plug-in for it. .2sf is the Nintendo DS equivalent of PSF/NSF/GSF type formats. You can always use WinAmp to play the .2sf and output it into your desired format. I would assume this link is fair game, since this site hosts some 2SF rips already: http://2sf.hcs64.com/
  6. The amount of money you wanted for this kickstarter was not much. I mean, $4k is a large chunk of cash, but for manufacturing hundreds of discs it seems very inexpensive and I think the reward tiers were reasonably priced. The kickstarter definitely doesn't seem like something you intended to make money from. How does this compare to your previous albums, especially Antigravity? I'm surprised that it seems like you weren't expecting this to do as well as it did. You only needed a few hundred sales of this album to meet your goal. Antigravity has been one of my favorite albums as a whole since I discovered it here back in 2007, and I'm glad you're giving it a proper sucessor. Unearthed had a few tracks that I really liked, but I think this one is the follow-up that I had been hoping you'd do for several years now. I normally don't buy physical albums anymore since it all goes on my phone, but this is one case where I think you deserved the extra funding. I don't remember how much I paid for Antigravity, but I know it was less than I would pay for it now, so I made up for it when I backed this kickstarter.
  7. I think it's a bit misleading to say that the "previously unreleased" tracks were unreleased. I've had them for over 4 years, you posted them along with the rest of the entries to the Antigravity remix contest you had back then. That hasn't stopped me from purchasing it, of course. Thanks for finally releasing another album.
  8. Here's a nice bump from a random person. I'm required to inform you that... this game is looking pretty good. First screenshots and in-game footage revealed today: Phantasy Star Online 2 -- First Video Footage Normally I'd prefer to link PSOW, but they don't have any good coverage yet. I'm most interested to see how well they've pulled off randomly generated areas. I think PSU wasn't as cool in that regard, because the randomness only existed because pre-determined chunks were separated by loading screens.
  9. Then you'll probably be disappointed to know that he only did one track, the ending theme. It's called Beyond The Sky, several people have posted it on YouTube if you want a listen. When I heard about this a few weeks ago I went looking for a listen, and found it to be rather average. I guess I went into it with high expectations because I really loved his work in Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross, and came back disappointed.
  10. Point taken. That was the only potential issue I saw with what they were doing, and I guess that must have been the breaking point as well. In the end it sounds to me like it was killed for the same reason Chrono Trigger Resurrection was, and not because it's a hack. That actually makes me feel a lot better about this. As I said initially I'm not really interested in the project itself, I was just shocked because it's the first time I've ever heard of a ROM hack project being forced to stop.
  11. While I have no interest in this hack, I'd have to say I disagree. In the same position, I would have: 1. Replied to verify the authenticity of the demand. 2. Point out that the project is NOT illegal (despite what the creators seem to believe and screwed themselves over by stating in a readme). Distributed as a patch only, the patch would contain 100% original modification data which requires the original product data to function. 3. Impose a 5-day deadline for all replies. If they can do it, so can you. 4. If no reasonable objections past the demand, ignore the C&D and release anyway. There's nothing illegal about ROM hacking, and it's something I'd personally go to court just to prove. (Although I wouldn't really be thrilled if it was at my expense.) Remember that devices like the Game Genie did hardware masking to ROM data, which is an entirely hardware solution to ROM hacking that has already been proven legal in court. (Although the Game Genie was only capable of modifying 5 bytes on cart, if I recall correctly...) Because it requires the original game data to run it's the equivalent to buying a laptop, adding a touchscreen, and reselling the same laptop. (Like that one company that sells the $5000 touchscreen MacBooks) Plenty of companies sell modifications for existing products, and this is no different. The primary problem here lies in the fact that they're using characters and story elements from an existing work without permission. Still, I would assume that qualifies as fair use as long as they're not charging money for it. Since users are theoretically required to own the original data (although very few dump their own roms...) the author wouldn't be losing any profits over the work. I honestly can't think of a single reason of why a freely distributed ROM hack would be illegal. The fake looking C&D letter suggests that they've circumvented copy protection to do their modifications, but the SNES didn't really have any. As long as you hook up VCC and GND, and provide an address via the address pins on the cart, you'll get back the value at that address from the data pins. Nothing special there. With some very limited knowledge of embedded systems, and a listing of the SNES cart pinout you could build a ROM dumper in a few hours. In summary I don't really have a point, other than that I disagree with the way they're handling this. I can see why Chrono Trigger Resurrection got shot down, because they were effectively copying someone else's copyrighted work and had a stand-alone product. But in this case, a patch can't stand on its own thus you're not stealing anything. (unless you steal the original game in order to play the patch) Just thought I'd get a word in, even though I've echoed the same thoughts elsewhere already. (I'm kind of disappointed that the romhacking.net thread on this was locked. But apparently it's not worth arguing because the creators aren't going to bother trying to prove the lawyer's points wrong.)
  12. I think you're fine. I was a full-time student in 2007, graduated in May 2008. When it came time to do taxes, TurboTax knew about and automatically added last year's $600 to my refund because I became eligible during 2008. So in summary, yes, you were supposed to get the refund as long as you became eligible after filing your 2007 return and before 2009.
  13. It's working fine here. Fairly fast too, grabbed a random song in a few seconds. I finally got around to properly setting up IPv6 on my router earlier this week via TunnelBroker, because my ISP (RoadRunner) apparently doesn't assign IPv6 addresses yet.
  14. A pleasant surprise. I've always enjoyed the Radical Dreamers music. I'd like to 2nd this request. A lossless version would be nice if possible.
  15. Actually, the localization team at CAPCOM Japan does the English translations for the Ace Attorney series. Although your point is still valid. Here are some interviews with the Localization Team at Capcom Japan that the US branch posted: http://blogs.capcomusa.com/blogs/scarlett.php/2007/02/05/p142#more142 http://blogs.capcomusa.com/blogs/scarlett.php/2007/02/20/p172#more172 http://blogs.capcomusa.com/blogs/scarlett.php/2007/03/08/p196#more196
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