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  1. The most difficult boss I've ever played against would be the SA-X from Metroid Fusion. However, I'm not talking about when you battle her right before the end of the game...I'm talking about when you have to run get past her in Sector 2, after you turn on the auxilary power...sheesh, she's annoying (and I have fairly lousy aim with the missles, which could explain a lot...). If you want to know who I feel was the most difficult boss that I actually battled and not just ran from, I would probably say Dark Link from Zelda 2.
  2. Wow...that's about the only thing I could think when I first heard this mix. This is my favorite Link's Awakening mix... ...and if you're listening to this on headphones, make sure you turn them down before that drum loop come in unless you wanna get a major earache...but this is still an awesome piece. VERY highly recommended.
  3. Excellent mix...this is one of my favorite Ocarina of Time themes, along with two of the Gerudo Valley mixes. This is less a remix and more an original song...I love it!
  4. Download this song...NOW!!! Needless to say, I was impressed with this piece...
  5. Okay, I know that several posters have said that the bass is off-key and detracts from the rest of the song, but I personally like the bass and think it adds flavor to this mix. Scott has some sweet mixes, and this one's my favorite...and this is also my favorite Ocarina of Time remix.
  6. Another cool mix from AmIEvil. Yeah, it probably could have been a little longer, but it's definitely worth listening to.
  7. I like this piece, I like how it was mixed, and I think the little "Link just got killed" bit at the very end was a nice touch...but it's just a teensy bit too repetitive to be as long as it was.
  8. I usually don't listen to jazz, and usually have to be in the mood for it to listen to what little jazz music I have...but this is a great song, and one that I could listen to at pretty much any time:-)
  9. This track is just...strange. I had to listen to it a few times to decide if I liked it or not. It's okay, and an interesting version of the Saria's Song, but it's not one of my favorites. However, I do think it is worth downloading:-)
  10. Nice....really nice. I particularly like the flute solo in the middle of the piece, and I also like how it starts off kinda soft and calm, then gets a funky beat to it...great job!
  11. AmIEvil has some nice stuff on OCR, and this piece is definitely one of them. Nice piece...and I like the accordion bit:-)
  12. This song is SWEET!!! Seriously...I love it. Tal Tal Heights theme has always been one of my favorite Zelda themes, and this is a BIG improvement on the original...and one of my favorite ReMixes.
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