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  1. Hopefully, someday, you guys can do Kirby's Dream Land 3
  2. Beautiful song. I can relate to your situation as I broke up with my gf 2 years ago and I still feel the pain.
  3. I love how track 20 and 21 blend into each other. Very creative! Love Dhsu's subtleness, and I love SnappleMan's...rocky SNAP
  4. I see Kirby... but it's only Adventure I want to see maybe a general Kirby project, with only the most popular songs from all of the games Oh well, maybe my dream will come true I also want a Zelda: Link to the Past project...but then I'll be greedy I'll just wait and see Great work again
  5. Is Kirby Dream Land 3 going to be included in this project? I love the DeDeDe song and the first level's song
  6. Great CD, can't wait to listen to it... I'll be sure to seed it because my computer is on 24/7 and I have a 600 kB download / 100 kB upload speed And hopefully you guys will do a Super Mario, Kirby and/or Zelda projects also!
  7. I removed the beginning with Nero WaveEditor I don't like listening to plain words when listening to a remix.
  8. I think this remix is great, and there should be more remixes of this certain song. BogusRed, I thought this was a recording of you playing the piano... Thanks Ytmh for bursting my bubble.
  9. The intro just glued in my ears to listen this piece. Rising techno beats and cool bass...all I can ask for NoppZ rocks!
  10. I just love 00:36 and 00:50 I'm a techno-freak Good job DJPretzel!
  11. I can imagine a hillbilly driving around down in Texas with this pumping to the max...
  12. Gawd Golly Shucks! This song makes me wanna turn into a redneck! Nice song, VERY creative (and persuading). Rock on. Yueeeeeee HAH!
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